Email Marketing What is and so that it serves?

email marketing it is a strategy of digital promotion that allows the adaptation of the promotional content to each receiver or possible buyer. One is to send a mail to a segment of the population that identifies itself with the product, reason why this email for this aim is provided.

One of the most important benefits is the segmentation of the population, which allows you to identify target of each promotion, product or services. This allows you to make specific messages according to the public.

The benefit of email marketing it is that the information is direccionada to a person, reason why is of extreme importance the content. It must be agreed to public and sufficiently personal to hook the person who is reading it.  On the other hand, emails marketing is a direct strategy but it does not get to be invasive, being a successful that you can measure through different tools.

Function of the email marketing


  • Direct information to the users
  • Reception of feedback on the part of the users, reason why not only is publicity, but it can constitute an evaluation of the services and products that are supplied.
  • It can help when increasing the sales. What yes it guarantees is the positioning of the product, marks or service in the horizon of the users.

Important data of the email marketing

You cannot lose of view the measurement of the impact of the strategy email marketing. It is necessary to be kind to any variation and in what type of user works the strategy. There are many effective tools to obtain the measurement of the strategy of email marketing, as as:

Characteristics that must have the email marketing

It is important search a title of showy e-mail. The content must be light and precise. Not to try to send mail of a long and tedious promotion. The e-mails must be identified with the name of the company or the product, must be part of the first view of the mail.

It always remembers to include images that are not delayed in loading in the email. You must include references of the bellboys of the social networks, and thus the user can give a click him and follow some of the options.

The data of the company, product and service must be clear in the part inferior, avoids confusions. On the other hand, the user always must have the option to stop receiving the promotional post office.

Why to choose the email marketing?

The use of the e-mail is popular, everybody uses it. The projections of users for year 2020 are of 3 trillions of people. The mail has become a professional and personal necessity, in addition that the people at least once review it to the day.

The e-mail has become a personal habit. On the other hand, there are no limitations as far as the amount of shipment or reception of e-mail. It is a cheap tool and it can arrive to them at all the people who you need. He is effective and precise, there are no errors.

Type of email marketing

There are several types of email marketing, nevertheless, we identified most popular:


Transactional e-mails

Emails of this type gives to account of a relation client €“ company. Generally these post office initiate to make specific an action, that is to say, with post office that occur once there is a previous relation. They are used as loyalty strategies.


Direct e-mails

This type of messages must as objective inform about a promotion or a specific product during a period into specific time. The direction of the e-mail does not respond to the data obtained previously by a trade relation, nowadays can be bought listings of email directions.

Types of campaigns in Email Marketing

The strategies, objectives and tools in email marketing they must be defined, question to achieve the raised objectives. For such reason, we recommended to you that you identify the type of campaign that you wish for email marketing.

In order to make right decisions on email marketing, the best option is to contract a company of design sale Web. You will suitably invest to time and money into the hands of experts in the subject of email marketing.

  • Invitation: it is the invitation to events sponsored by the brand, give account of the experience more than of the product.
  • Newsletter: they are bulletins that offer the most impressive new features on a company or product. This type of post office is fundamental, since the one is the client that provides its mail.
  • Promotional: he has the objective to inform on a certain supply.
  • Special dates: it is oriented to invigorate to the public in festive dates, as day of the enamored ones, Christmases and national holidays, among others.
  • News: one treats to inform to the users of the good things that they happen surroundings to a product or service.
  • Loyalty: one is to maintain the relation between client and company, reason why one inquires into the attractiveness of the company for his clients.
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