Strategies of neuromarketing

Advertising stimulus, emotions, elections of unconscious way€¦.terms that come together in the Neuromarketing. Interesting and until necessary tool that can help to increase your sales you, to increase the reach of your brand, fidelizar your clients and to attract potentials clients. If you have a webpage or he interests to you more professionally to manage with greater effectiveness and your social networks, we can help you sharing quite functional strategies of neuromarketing and that can cause that you achieve the objectives raised with your brand or company.

The brand that manages to catch the attention of its clients is the one that has majors possibilities of success in the sales, fidelizar the clients and until obtaining a greater number of followers in its networks or clients.  

An excellent way to draw attention of your clients is breaking landlords and paradigms, create value content. And this you can obtain stimulating it the senses of those who observe your content. Perhaps you cannot stimulate all the senses of a single time, but you can think about the view. It plays with the colors, it wakes up his curiosity, that wish to pause in your webpage or your publication in the networks. It generates a reaction in the people and that makes them look and pause to know more.

 In this strategy it is important to consider that you can create content with emphasis in the line of vision. According to the Neuromarketing, the visual stimulus can have an important impact in the brain. That is to say, the stimulus by means of images causes that the brain remembers better the brand of the product or service that you offer. This strategy is especially important in social networks, for example. The contents must visually be attractive, since the exposure time of the users is very short. If you use a visual content that truly draws attention of the potential client immediately, this will cause that it pays attention to your brand and will extend the reach of your company.

 On the other hand, when using the strategy to generate visual content that draws attention of the client, this will cause that it increases his credibility before the users. It is for that reason that is important that he is careful and respectful in the style, the images and the expression of ideas.

Strategies of neuromarketing to generate empathy  

It tries to create an emotional association that causes positive effects. That is to say, that client and your product or service allow that an association between your client and you is created, between that you offer. I know absolutely honest and near with your client. This will cause that association with your product or service is generated.

It is important that, to create that association, expresses your empathy, you generate interaction with the client. You can do creating it contained where you ask his opinion to him the clients.

On the other hand, it is important that the client feels that you are there with your brand to satisfy its necessity, to generate well-being or to solve the problem that can have. I know completely honest and you will gain the confidence of his client.

Strategies of neuromarketing of the direct message

Often the people do not know very well how to satisfy their needs. You can go with the strategy to directly express the client to him why she must buy your product or contract your service to satisfy your necessity or to solve your problem.

It is a strategy that gives the opportunity you to help you to decide by your product. With a clear and direct message she explains the benefits that you offer with your brand and how she is going to solve his problem to him. It express of clear way how she can, your product or service, to be the answer to which looks for, how it can satisfy her necessity.

Strategies of neuromarketing of the 3 scenes

To use number 3 in Neuromarketing is based on studies that they indicate that greater to 3 the brain is saturated and no longer remembers or conserves the information that receives. Thus, 3 are the ideal number to give the opportunity to handle to all the stimuli or the information him that receive. Therefore, he is highly recommendable that him DES to the clients and users up to 3 options of purchase in your webpage or the contents of your networks.

Thus, for example, if your product or service is courses, a software can offer to the potential client 3 options to him: the basic option, €œsilver€ and €œgold€ or you can offer a monthly, annual amount or the one of by life. Also you can offer 3 different levels from benefits, of prices. This to name some examples of the strategy of the 3 scenes. Two are very few options, four are many, the client is confused. It considers then the strategy of the 3 options to help the client to select the best alternative than you offer through your brand with your product or service.

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