What is the Neuromarketing and its advantages?

Marketing and the form to implement it in the companies have changed years in the last. Although already some ago years the jump of traditional marketing occurred to digital marketing, nowadays a step more in the scope of marketing occurs where it is related to the emotions.

Neuromarketing is a discipline that studies the behavior of the consumer throughout the process of purchase and decision making. This discipline will focus attention on the consumer before making the decision from purchase, during the purchase decision and once it has realised the purchase.

With this discipline which is obtained it is to know how the mind of the consumer works, arriving at his subconscious mind. In fact, there are studies that demonstrate that in the subconscious mind he is where the consumer to realise the purchase process. If the companies have the capacity to analyze this flow of thought of the consumer, they will be able to go ahead to his decisions and to know what is going to buy and in what moment long before which the purchase is realised.

With the application of techniques of neuromarketing we can be anticipated to the decisions of the consumer and to optimize our processes of sale, as well as to obtain an improvement of the user experience when it visits our Web or our store, thus having much better results.

Although in our traditional marketing the market study was the origin of the process, in this new form of marketing the center concentrates in the application of techniques of emotional marketing along with strategies of storytelling.

Within neuromarketing several typologies can be differentiated based on where the main center of the strategy is put. It is not necessary to forget that the application of these techniques allows that we in center turn the consumer of our history, so that feels identified with the protagonist.

In this form of marketing the publicity concentrates in counting a history that empatice and allows the consumer to feel like part of her.

The types of neuromarketing who we can find are 3 mainly.

Visual Neuromarketing

With this neuromarketing strategies work that allow to arrive at the consumer by the view. Examples exist in neuromarketing from how visually our message can arrive before at the brain that if we used another sense.

Some examples of these strategies are when in the physical stores or stores online we used the red color to indicate that something is in reduced supply or, we used the symbol of percentage or the words €œfree€, €œreductions€ or €œsupply€.

These messages arrive much more fast at the user and can have a great impact in their decision of purchase, in many cases that end up becoming purchase by impulse. However, neuromarketing goes much more there of a sudden decision, since it looks for an absolute understanding of the form to think and the motivations of the users to conduct certain battles.

Auditory Neuromarketing

In this type of neuromarketing the attention concentrates in the auditory system. The actions that start up are thought to draw attention of the users by the ear. In many cases a melody can urge the users to consume in certain hours or not to consume, according to it is oriented.

In this sense, the clearest example is in the supermarkets where they play much with the faster music causing that based on the rate of music the users lie down to buy more and or and less slow.

Silences that are used sometimes in the publicity even take an intentionality and are thought to draw our attention.

Kinest©sico Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing that centers its attention in the rest of senses is the kinest©sico. The actions of marketing are oriented or to the sense of the taste, the tact or the sense of smell. Also, we can find in neuromarketing examples as the particular scent that we found in certain stores. These perfumes are not present in the air by chance, but they comprise of a strategy of meditated good marketing.

Now that you meet the types neuromarketing and examples of the same you will be able to understand the important thing that it can be to start up a strategy based on neuromarketing. You can understand and to be conscious of where implementing neuromarketing in your organization.

Nevertheless, besides the actions that you can develop for your strategy of neuromarketing its main objective is to respond to the question of how increasing my sales online. Indeed, in the online mean it is where more importance can end up having the implantation of strategies of neuromarketing.

The users who sail by Internet are looking for emotions and new experiences, your webpage is perfect surroundings to obtain that the users can know your products or services of a different form. The design of your webpage plays a fundamental role at the time of catching the attention of the users and to pass on the emotions to them necessary to obtain that they have interest in your product.

Advantages of neuromarketing

We told you next which are the main advantages that can contribute to your company the development of a strategy of neuromarketing.


You do not need a study market

With neuromarketing you will not have to realise a market study to measure and to know the impressions your users with respect to your product or service. In fact, you can implement strategies of neuromarketing online that will contribute much information to you on the preferences of your consumers and the behavior that show when they visit your Web.


It offers more tangible data

Another great advantage of neuromarketing is that it contributes some results to you that are more tangible and than you will be able to measure more easily.


You optimize the resources

With the application of a strategy of neuromarketing you can be useful plus the resources that you use since the information that contributes to you is more complete and it will facilitate to apply a combination to you of publicity techniques with which you can understand better the relation than the users emotionally settle down with your company and your Web and the behavior that declare.


Improvements the planning of sales

When obtaining a much more effective information and completes of your users you will be able to optimize the planning of your sales campaigns and also to improve of this form the results that you obtain.


Advantages on your competition

The information that offers a campaign to you of neuromarketing is much more rich and interesting. You will be able to quantify emotional aspects of your users, feelings, experience, etc. are aspects that your competition has not measured nor has the possibility of measuring if it does not apply this type of strategy. This to give advantage you exceeds they.

Recommendations to implement neuromarketing in our Web

If you have a webpage, to implement a strategy of neuromarketing offers many advantages to you since you have been able to verify. Nevertheless, you will wonder yourself how you can take to this strategy to the practice in your design Web. We told some advice you who you can follow.


It thinks well how you focus the prices in the Web

An important aspect is that in the scope Web neuromarketing works much visual, therefore, you will have to apply strategies at the time of fixing prices that play your favor. The user will go to your page moved by the pain that causes a necessity to him for that reason you must be useful to show your prices so that it is to him suitable and nice.

You can use strategies as dividing the prices to indicate a daily or weekly payment, to offer different options from payment that cause that the user perceives that has many possibilities of paying by your product or service. An important aspect would be to use synonymous of words as Euro or price. You can use expressions as €œby very little it can be yours€, €œtakes to me to house€, etc.


I know concrete

An important aspect is that you transact to your users the sensations that you want that they perceive with your product or service. In this sense he is better to explain to him what can feel if it purchase that to speak to him of abstract terms. You can tell to him to the benefits for him or she to buy your product or service, the sensations that it will have and how one will feel.


To be near

Appealing to this feeling that we must pass on to our clients, you must try to explain the information of a simple way but that arrives to him. Forget traditional commercial formulas and trasm­tele to you emotions when it visits your webpage. This information will arrive to him much more that if you raise your products to him in terms of supplies and numbers.


Visual content

The content in audio-visual format, as much video as audio, to accompany the explanation by your products or services will help to a great extent in this strategy because the users will more quickly perceive the message than with the written text. If in addition these images have an important emotional load, it will be far better.

A strategy that you can use is to include testimonies of your clients in your Web who speak of how they have felt or how your product or service has benefitted with.

As you can verify neuromarketing is a new form to sell for your store online or webpage that can as much contribute many benefits to you concerning new clients as concerning sales. Its implementation does not require of a great investment, but you will obtain many more benefits with his home. It is a fundamental and necessary strategy nowadays for your webpage.

What is the Neuromarketing?
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What is the Neuromarketing?
What is the Neuromarketing? What advantages and Types of Neuromarketing exist. Recommendations of Neuromarketing to implement in websites.
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