Google does not stop evolving to optimize the methods search, the new algorithm of Google is the perfect sample of its oriented approach to recognize of more natural way the language.

Today I want to show everything to you on Google BERT, the new update of its algorithm to make more efficient the search and to give the accurate results us.

Everything on the algorithm Google BERT

The algorithm of Google denominated BERT by its abbreviations in English (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is the last newness that consists of an open codification designed to decipher of more natural way the language than we used for our searches.

How Google BERT works

This update is in charge to process each word that we used at the time of formulating a specific search on some subject. The new algorithm of Google fulfills the improved function to verify what we wished to find in the motor.

The operation of the algorithm Google BERT is focused to decipher the prepositions, therefore it analyzes of natural form those extensive orations that we introduce to the hour search a content.

The interpretation of the words on the part of Google is centered in connectors that we used of frequent way as the preposition €œfor€ or €œby€, of this form, when we inserted these words in the finder, the obtained results are more in agreement with which we wished to find.

An example that explains as the algorithm of Google works would be: €œrequisite to travel by Madrid during three months€ the obtained results they will be much more effective with respect to the previous version denominated RankBrain.

The results will be much more necessary thanks to the BERT capacity to decipher the prepositions €œfor€, €œby€, €œduring€, this advantage to recognize the words in their context did not exist of so specific form in the previous versions.

Optimization of Google BERT

Due to the extension to recognize the language that we used of natural way, BERT much more offers results search specific and fit to the information that we wished to find.

Thanks to the new algorithm of Google, the levels of efficiency in search will be improved between a 10% and 15% in his first stage of operation. This increase is a favorable result for those who they use to Google as his main web search engine.

How it affects Google BERT to the SEO

Since the new algorithm of Google is focused to generate precise results in the search of information with a more natural language, the SEO must adapt to the new grammar exigencies with respect to the creation of content and optimized information.

I recommend to you that you read the article on

What is the SEO?

In whichever countries Google BERT will be available

The algorithm of Google will be available in one first stage only in the United States, will therefore only work with the English language. BERT so far will not affect the searches in Castilian language, although the company has let glimpse that next it will extend his algorithm to new countries and languages.

The new algorithm of Google arrives to offer results fit to the language of each user, in other words, its function is to make us find what we looked for of a easier and natural way.

Algorithm of Google Bert
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Algorithm of Google Bert
The new algorithm of Google, Bert call this focused to recognize of more natural way the language, to give to its users the exact results but.
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