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The usability Web is a point that you would have to consider at the time of home your strategy when you are going to create your website.

For it you must well clearly know the pillars of your Web, that will be those that will make govern the behavior of the users, in order that these can help us when we want to realise some type of usability Web to improve our Web.

The usability Web is part of Internet, thus this one is evolving with happening of the time, as well as they are it making the users who usually visit websites.

The users are learning to communicate with the languages of bellboys, navigators, short cuts (for which a little more advanced go), is why you must know that, which is now will not be it probably tomorrow.

In this article we will give to much information on the last tendencies of the usability Web them.

1) General missions of the website

 If there is something is necessary to know clearly when we began to develop a website, is to know which are their objectives and to realise a correct plan to show it the public through the Web.

It is very important that a website has its well raised very concrete objectives and of a very complete form. It is very important that all the Web this orienting that are those objectives with the purpose of to make specific them.

2) Texts Web. Excellent and comprehensible contents.

 One of the first things that you must consider at the time of introducing the texts in your Web is that well they are written, without grammar misspelling nor, which are easy to understand. It tries to use phrases that are short.

When you realise the study of the texts, it tries to always follow a same line, that are clear and concise. You do not cause that the user becomes bored and leaves your Web by excess of information.

The language that is used in texts is very important, since, due to diverse the thematic ones, the languages usually vary. By general norm, to the users they like the familiar, friendly and near language, as long as the thematic one allows it to you.

Finally, if in your Web you use icons, tries that these are comprehensible and understandable for the user.

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3) Web Multiidiomas. Translations.

At the time of realising a Web with more languages we must know than the thing us can be complicated a little more, since we will be transmitting him information to another public that we know except his language.

You must assure that the translations correctly are realised. He is not advisable to use the automatic translators, since they always do not realise the perfect translations and they can arrive at the bad interpretation.

To have a native translator at the time of realising the translations of texts is very important, since this one will know to express by means of terms and/or technical words that usually are used in that language.

4) Appearance of the site

A website must give the sensation to be updated, of which it works periodically, with the intention to give an image of which the site is operative.

Although it is certain that each X amount of years is advised to realise a redesign, also is certain that each as much website must have small changes that the user notices. This way, when realising small changes in the Web will give the sensation of implication of the company in their Web.

5) Corporative identity

Our company is familiarized with certain components that will make remember the user when it sees something that is similar to us.

The logo, the colors of our brand, the images that we used, the font, phrases or catchphrase that we used as ours in the company, are part of the corporative identity.

We must assure to us to implement our corporative identity in our website, next to the objectives of our company, in order that the user understands our proposal of value.

6) Images and Video

It is important that the images that are within your Web have the right measures and that the resolution is good, apart from which they do not weigh too much, since this will do that your website loaded slower.

The images of a website must contribute value and of being consequent and so they accompany it, otherwise what you will obtain is to lose the attention of the users.

The videos give a very professional image in the websites, but they are not easy to introduce, since these must demonstrate just a short time in the added value that they have. It always tries to maintain the optimization of the Web.

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7) Forms of contact

The contact forms are most important in a website, as well as they are it in the usability Web at the time of filling in the form with his information, since by means of them you are going to be able to contact with your users.

Then, as we know that they are our means to communicate to us with the users we must avoid of which the user fills up many fields, to request the information to him precise not to oppress the user and to improve the usability Web.

An advice, if the contact form has pull-down menus tries that the information is ordinate logically or at least alphabetically.

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8) Hierarchy of contents for the navigability

The hierarchial structuring of the contents Web is very important in the usability Web, since here we would have to define which are most important and which are the minuses. For it if you have a Web you will be able to use the heat maps, that helped to understand the order and the hierarchy you according to your users.

A smaller detail not to consider, is the graphical form in which they are through bellboys, the colors and sizes. It tries to have it in account, since this will help to show you the user who a content is more important that another one.

The connections are another factor to consider at the time of the navigability Web, since if these present changes once already it has happened through that connection, helps to the user that is to say by where enough. A serious example the change of color of the connection when this one already has been visited.

The famous bread crumbs exist, that help the users much when they are sailing in a website, since they mark the way to him by where they have begun and where are. Less and less Webs use the bread crumbs, but these are very important in the electronic commerce.

You have to be very pending of the connections of your Web so that these work correctly and they are not broken, with this you would avoid to lose clients and you would help the organic positioning of your Web.

9) It accompanies your users

The correct positioning of your CTA is very important. With this I mean that you would have to investigate where to put the CTA or Call to Action so that your users do not lose themselves in the Web and know if they are within her.

Many websites use Sliders or merry-go-rounds of images that are very insolent in the Webs and them try to put phrases and bellboys to take to you to excellent places. But it is necessary to have much taken care of with this because it is not absolutely thus.

At the moment the Internet users have less patience and hope little to see excellent information, only 1% of the users click in the sections of sliders.

Technically speaking sliders they cause slowing down of the website, since the same have code java script.

10) Dominio or URL of reference

It is necessary to consider at the time of the creation of urls that is not too long and that does not contain symbols, since it would be difficult to remember for the user.

The same happens with the domain of your website, tries search something that it identifies to you or in the thematic one, union, zone. This not only will help you with search engine optimization, also to remember the user who has visited your website.

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Without doubting it more factors exist many to improve the usability of the usuary Web so that our Web achieves its objectives.

Each Web is different and has different objectives, thus, you are you the one that must know which to harness and as to consider without letting them in vain to improve the conversion factor.

Important factors on usability Web
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Important factors on usability Web
The 10 factors but important to improve the usability Web.
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