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Webpages for events Why I have to create it?

The world of the businesses at the moment moves based on a series of meetings and events that allow the businessmen to connect themselves with expert people or to develop their creative ideas with a panorama clearer than it wishes to undertake. In order to facilitate this process of promotion of opportunities the webpages of events are created nowadays.

The webpages of events specifically talk about to the sites or digital platforms prepared in Internet to facilitate the promotion of an activity of social character, increasing the visibility on the Web and catching therefore a greater interest on the part of the internauts.

One is then a slope of the marketing online that nowadays comprises of the organization of events. It owns numerous advantages, between which it emphasizes the fact of not contaminating the atmosphere by means of impressions of pamphlets more that only become paper wastefulness, red and electrical energy, being rejected finally by the people.

A webpage of events serves to impel a determined activity, already are meetings, celebrations, forums, conferences, among others events. It is a site of Internet in that the interested ones can obtain valuable data about which it treats the event and to contact directly with the organizers, establishing a feedback with them.

Advantages of the webpages for events

He is 100% ecological one. When counting on webpages of events it is not necessary to design and to print pamphlets, flyers or great posters that usually are a polluting solid remainder for the environment.

It represents a form to save time, since all the information is impelled through Internet while we realised other own activities of the organization of events.

The network of Internet is infinite. In her we can store a great amount of information of all type, without limits of space or time. It is a suitable atmosphere to promote any thing that we do, from any part of the world.

It facilitates the interaction between the organizers of the event and the possible assistants.

Through webpages of events it is possible to offer the opportunity to the interested ones to pay the entrances of a safe form, simple and comfortable.

It allows the organizers to facilitate to the attending users and potentials the detailed information and of quality to stimulate his interest to attend the event.

Another great advantage that it has to count on webpages for events is the fact that it helps to improve the visibility of the activity. At the most attractive it is his much greater design will be his impact.

These are some of the benefits that it provides to count on webpages of events.

The best thing of everything is than it is a work that not necessarily must make the organizers, since it is a work who offer the communication agencies which they among others count on service of Design Web for events, that will be of utility for the organization of events.

Webpages of events and Marketing Online

The design of webpages of events comprises of the strategy of marketing online that settles down, following the type of activity which it is, because all is not promoted of the same form nor by the same channels, considering that the objective public are different.

The design and elaboration of the webpage are the starting point to promote a concrete event. One is a platform of Internet in that we can include all the information related to the activity, to which we will be able to invite later in the campaign unfolded in the social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others.

The first step to start up your strategy of marketing online is to have a webpage of your company. In this Web you will have all the information necessary to present your potential clients or to your objective public all the information exceeds what you offer.

Two aspects fundamental exist to consider when it is going away to create a webpage for events: the architecture and the design, that are related to the way in which the data within the page get ready to offer access to the possible assistants of the activity.

Most recommendable it is to count on a design that catches the attention and the interest of the user in such a way that invites it to have left itself in her. In this aspect it is fundamental to cause that the experience of the internaut is nicest possible. We must teach all the information to him about the event without needing making a very deep navigation in the Web.

On the other hand, as much the architecture as the use of the key words is fundamental to optimize the visibility of the page and to cause that the finders find it easily; that is to say, it is necessary to apply to some techniques SEO to guarantee the fast positioning of the site.

These are only some aspects that we must consider when it is going away to establish the characteristics of the webpages of events that we want to promote. For it he is indispensable to count on a global strategy of marketing online, that allows us to obtain results in the mid term. It is not question to only have a webpage of events, but they find it.

Characteristics of a good webpage of events

The webpages of events would have to count with the majority of the following characteristics:


Responsible design

He is indispensable nowadays to offer to the users the opportunity to open the webpage from any device: PC, Tablet or mobile phones. It is a safe, fast and effective form to cause that the users sail in her without having to sit down in front of a table or portable computer.


It must be safe

One of the safest forms to count on webpages of events is the design with WordPress, in view of which it is updated frequently. In order to be able to use that tool it is necessary to have specific formation.



The design of webpages of events must be optimized so that the user has a nice experience. It is important that it allows to open and to load the information him of the possible fastest form.


To integrate social networks

At present the people usually are connected more through the social networks that by other communication channels. For that reason it is important to include the information related to the social networks of the company in the webpage, as well as to spread the information by these means of a fast and simple form.



It is necessary that the webpages for events count on a list of contacts, with the aim of establishing a feedback with the possible assistants whom they visit it.


To be self-managing

One of the advantages that it has the self-managing design is that it allows to add or to modify the content you of the page whenever you consider it necessary, without needing having to resort to a Webmaster for it.


Protection of data

A webpage of events generally offers the opportunity to the attending potential to buy and to acquire entrances from this page. For that reason it is important to guarantee the protection of the data of the user. In order to provide major security to the internaut you can on the matter add to the content of the Web a section related to the legal warnings.


Agreement with the enterprise image

This it is a key element in the design of webpages for events, because it must be in agreement with the corporative image that is handled. This will provide a more serious and professional image to him, that is translated later in the confidence of the user.


Manager of e-mails

One of the strategies of marketing of the webpages is the possibility of managing e-mails of the users to apply to a campaign Mailing, that is to say, to promote the event by means of the shipment of e-mails to the possible assistants to the event who have subscribed when newsletter of the webpage.

Information that must take a webpage of events



First that must be inserted in the webpage destined to an event it is an image or to flayer of cover that has an attractive design for the internauts. In her the name of the activity must be included, the days in which it will be realised, the schedule, the place where it will become and the organizing company. Also you can include the site to acquire the entrances, as well as their price.


Forms of payment

Another important information for the possible assistant to the event is related to the different alternatives that we offer to them to make the payment corresponding to the entrances. As the image is something essential in a website you can insert logos of cards or places where they are possible to be phelp, as well as the quotas of financiaciaci³n (if it is applied).


Data of location

As much the date as the hour and the place where the event will be realised must be specified and be clarified well in the webpage. In case the activity is carried out during several days and schedules that information must be specified very well all, clear form and it needs.


As far as the location of the event, he is recommendable to make use of the images of Google Maps to avoid possible confusions, if several streets with the same name especially exist.


Material MGP (Point of Purchase)

Another one of the advantages that have the webpages for events is that they allow to insert a dedicated segment to offer material MGP or products identified with the event at issue, such as lanyard, identifications, promotional material of the sponsoring or organizing companies, caps, cups, Sam Browne belts, key rings, among others. It is an excellent way that the assistants can feel identified with the activity.



In some events of leisure and entertainment as the concerts and recite to them settle down diverse types of entrances, according to the places of the seats. This information is important for those who wishes to participate. As much the price as the place and what it is offered with this one must visualize easily in the page.


Detailed description

In a section of the page you must place all the detailed information on the event. It must be a well written up brief text but in which the proposal for the activity is explained openly.


Connections to social networks

The bellboys who serve as connection towards the social networks of the event are indispensable to guarantee a suitable promotion. They must be located in a zone where they have visibility enough and they are within reach of the user so that he can share it with his contacts.


Key words

The use of the key words also is very important. In all the texts and images it includes those phrases or words that provide a categorisation of the event. They can be: concert, confers, show, recital, among others.


Information of the organizers

The data of the company that is organizing the event must be accessible for all the users or possible assistants. This information is the logo of the company, its social networks, its e-mail, website and telephones of contact. These data are important to help to the users in case of some disadvantage.


All this information would have easily to be accessible for all those interested in the event at issue. If well it is organized, she is attractive and it counts on the suitable tools to harness his diffusion, the interested ones in attending the event will be prescribers of the same, obtaining that the message multplique through the social networks amplifying the original message and being able to arrive at more people.

Although it seems easy, to establish the best design, architecture and strategy of marketing of the webpages of events is not so simple. It requires a work and permanent dedication to reach the raised objectives.

He is for that reason that at the moment exists diverse companies that offer the services for the creation of webpages of events, in which the users have the opportunity to accede to all the detailed and attractive information in relation to the activity to realise.
Webpages for events
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Webpages for events
We create webpages for events. You want to improve the visibility and diffusion of the event? It knows all the benefits that a website contributes to you to your event.
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