Perhaps for many abbreviations WPO are not known, but we spoke in way street, is something logical that all the websites must have.

The optimization of webpages includes not only the correct and quick operation of a website and its pages, but also help to the optimization SEO and experience Web of the user.

These are very important factors since Google is based on them to position a website, in highest of the SERPs.

It is for this reason, that in this article you will find the reasons by which, you would have to consider the optimization of a website at the time of the creation of this one, since, if it is not considered, you can be bad spending the money of your investment.

What means WPO?


Abbreviations WPO mean Web Optimization Performance, that translated the Spanish means Optimization of yield Web.

Bony, that is the best completion than it is possible to be realised to him to a website for his correct and fast operation.

Why so is important the optimization Web?


The WPO is important because it will cause that the users who visit it do it of a fluid form and feels well within the same.

To be clearer, when one enters a website which fast load and the experience of user is correct, the users will remain sailing in the website of satisfactory form.

Nowadays much people bother when she is going to buy to a store and must hope, and many of them leave the store and they go away.

In Internet it passes the same, but due to the great competition that there is, many of them know that leaving that website, they can obtain the same simply clicking in the Web that is underneath ours.

It is for that reason, that is so important the optimization Web, since we would avoid the loss of conversion.

Next, I will give some statistics you that they concern to the bad optimization of a website.

  • For every second that behind schedule a Web in loading loses a 7% of conversion.
  • For every second that behind schedule a Web in loading loses a 11% of seen pages.
  • For every second that behind schedule a Web in loading loses a 16% of satisfaction of the client.

If you see these few statistics that we showed to you here and if you analyze with depth in the subject, you will occur to account of that is to worry, since every second of load, can by ricochet bring about from less conversions to greater rate and loss to you of users.

Where to implement the optimization Web?



Hosting that you are going to contract to lodge your website is fundamental that it counts on a series of characteristics so that your website loaded fast.

With this we do not mean that, if contracts best hosting, your Web is going to open less than in 2 seconds, since not only it depends on hosting, but also of which the webpages correctly are optimized.

It is important to contract hosting of quality and that offers the last technology as the disk storage SSD, last versions of PHP, Certificates SSL, that uses HTTP2, among others characteristic.

I recommend to you that you read the article on

What is a Hosting?



It breaks it of WordPress is very important, since by means of plugins or hosting that you have contracted copies of your Web will be realised so that these are served the users more quickly.

This way the user will not have to load all the Web whenever he visits it.

It is why it is very important that your website has plugin of breaks installed or that from your hosting you have the possibility of activating this option of breaks, since it breaks it is fundamental at the time of optimization of webpages.

Plugins of breaks recommended:



Gzip compression

Since we are trying to accelerate our website, with the Gzip compression which we will do is to compress the archives of our website, with the intention of which these weigh less and they take less in loading.

This action is very logical, but the servers do not bring it activated by defect, thus we must very have it in account at the time of home the optimization Web.



The CDN are a network of distribution of contents that are in charge to serve these contents to different places where they are asked. The functionality of the CDN is to serve the contents as rapidly as possible is where it is the request.

In order to give you to an example, if your website is lodged in Spain and they are visiting it from the USA, having a CDN you will serve it much more fast, since the one will serve it that nearer east of the USA.

If your objective public is in a country, I do not see necessary the use of CDN, otherwise I recommend to you that you use it since with the CDN you will improve the yield, you will save resources and improve the availability of your Web.


Optimization of the Code

The archives Javascript and the chains of styles CSS slow down much a website, is why it is necessary to realise a minificaci³n and combination of these archives to have the webpages optimized correctly.

You must know that to carry out this work it is not easy, since these archives contain code which executes the navigator to show them the Web as you want it.

These codes contain flat texts, spaces in target, jumps of lines and commentaries within the same to give information on the code.

It is necessary to realise a cleaning of these archives (to eliminate everything what it does not serve) so that is read faster by the navigator.

The combination of the code is more of the same, which is tried to obtain with this action is to have grouped and ordered everything in a file so that a call is only realised.

With the optimization of the code Web you will be able to reduce the size of the file and calls.

Recommended Plugin to optimize the code Web:



Optimization of Images

The images in a website are very important, as well as so important it is his optimization, since these have a considerable weight and each must be unloaded for turns.

Thus it is very important to make an optimization of images Web so that these weigh little and so that the load is faster.

The images of a website often are the causes of which a website takes more in loading.

For a correct optimization of an image it is recommended that this image does not weigh more of 100kb. Anyway, that always tries of weigh 100kb less than.

Plugins recommended to optimize Images Web:




We know that plugins of WordPress is very important to extend the functionalities of our website.

But it is very important that our website counts on plugins right and necessary, since, if we have plugins installed which we did not use, we are realising unnecessary loads in our Web, causing the one unnecessary slowing down of the Web.

Also it is very important to analyze plugins that we are going to install, to know the amount of resources that uses. This way, we will know if plugin slows down our Web, forcing search another one to us plugin with the same functionalities, but with less consumption of resources.


I recommend to you that you read the article on

What are plugins of WordPress?



A great amount of groups exists to begin the development of our website, but all is not optimized correctly.

When the search of a group is realised to begin the development Web, we must consider that this group will have to be optimized.

For it a series of verifications would be due to realise, to assure to us that the code is clean and that scripts does not use many.

Webs to verify the optimization Web

A great amount of Webs exists that give information us on the optimization of webpages.

These are very interesting, since if we want to improve the optimization Web these Webs tell us where it is the optimization problem.

Next, I will give a list you of websites that will help us to optimize webpages:


The optimization Web is very important so that your website works correctly and is fast.

In addition, the optimization of webpages, will help much with the optimization SEO and the experience you of the user.

I recommend to you that you put in practice many of the advice who I gave to secure a better yield you previously of your website.


Optimization Web - WPO
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Optimization Web - WPO
It improves the yield of your website, as thus also the SEO and the experience of the user.
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