In accordance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and Comercio Electr³nico (LSSICE) next the identifying data of the organization are detailed:

NIKANA DESIGN WEB Trade name: ANA MARIA APPLE TREE SIMON NIF: 77454853F Direction: WAY FATHER CURES EPF-OASIS 3 17 BLQ 1º D - 29680 - ESTEPONA - MALAGA Telephone: 655784239 Email:

PURPOSE OF THE WEBPAGE. Here it must describe to the purpose or activity of the Web or the organization. Prices of products or services that are offered through the Web, with indication of the taxes and expenses of shipment.

The present legal warning (in future, the €œLegal Warning€) regulates the use of the website: WWW.NIKANADISE‘OWEB.COM

LEGISLATION. With general character the relations between ANA MARIA APPLE TREE SIMON NIKANA DESIGN WEB and the Users of their telematics, present services in this website, are put under the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

USE AND ACCESS OF USERS. The User is informed, and accepts, who the access to the present Web does not suppose, in no way, the home of a trade relation with ANA MARIA APPLE TREE SIMON NIKANA DESIGN WEB or anyone of his delegations.

INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY. The rights of intellectual property of the content of the webpages, their graphical design and codes are ANA MARIA ownership APPLE TREE SIMON NIKANA DESIGN WEB and, therefore, it is prohibited his reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other activity that can even be realised with the contents of its webpages nor mentioning the sources, except for ANA MARIA consent in writing APPLE TREE SIMON NIKANA DESIGN WEB.

CONTENT OF THE WEB AND I CONNECT (LINKS). ANA MARIA APPLE TREE SIMON NIKANA DESIGN WEB reserves the right to even update, to modify or to eliminate the information contained in its webpages being able to limit or not to allow the access to this information to certain users.

ANA MARIA APPLE TREE SIMON NIKANA DESIGN WEB does not assume responsibility some by the information contained in webpages of third parties to which it is possible to be acceded by €œlinks€ or connections from any webpage property of ANA MARIA APPLE TREE SIMON NIKANA DESIGN WEB. The presence of €œlinks€ or connections in the ANA MARIA webpages APPLE TREE SIMON NIKANA DESIGN WEB has informative purpose merely and in no case it supposes suggestion, invitation or recommendation on the same.


ANA MARIA APPLE TREE SIMON NIKANA DESIGN WEB, through present document, picks up its Policy of collection and treatment of cookies, in accordance with the arranged thing in article 22,2 of Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and of Comercio Electr³nico (LSSICE).

The cookies are stored in the terminal team of the user (computer or movable device) and compile information when visiting webpage WWW.NIKANADISE‘OWEB.COM, in order to improve the usability of the same, to know the habits or needs navigation of the users to be able to adapt to the same, as well as to obtain data with statistical aims. In the case of those users who already are clients of the organization, the information successfully obtained with the cookies will also be used for its identification when acceding to the different tools that the organization makes its available for the management of the services.

The present Policy of Cookies will be of application to those users who voluntarily visit the webpages of the organization, compliment forms of collection of data, accede to the tools that the organization puts at the disposal of its clients to manage its services, or use any other present service in the website that the data communication to the organization implies, or the access to data by the organization, for the benefit of their services.

The organization informs to the users of its webpages, the existence of cookies and makes its available the present Policy in order to inform to them about the use and into the object of the same. The fact to continue navigation through its pages, supposes the knowledge and the acceptance of the present Policy on the part of these users.

ANA MARIA APPLE TREE SIMON NIKANA DESIGN WEB uses the following types of cookies:

Classified by its ownership: * Cookies own: shipments and managed directly by the organization. * Cookies of third parties: shipments and managed by a third other people's one to the organization, anonymously, in order to realise statistical studies of navigation by the webpages of the organization.

Classified by its purpose: * Cookies technical and/or of personalisation: they facilitate navigation, when identifying the session, allowing the access to tools of restricted access, in addition to forming the options available to size. They make possible the benefit of the service asked for previously by the user. * Cookies of analysis and/or publicity: they allow to know the number of received visits in the different sections from the webpages, the habits and tendencies of his users and consequently, to be able to improve navigation and the service offered by the organization (essentially, Google Analytics), as well as to manage the advertising spaces including in the webpage visited by the user. It anonymously collects data in order to obtain profiles of navigation of the users.

Classified by its duration: * Cookies of session: they successfully obtain and they store the data while the user accedes to the webpage. * Cookies persistent: they successfully obtain and they store the data in the terminal of the user during a variable period of time based on which it is the purpose for which they have been used.

The time of conservation of the cookies will depend on in question type and it will always be the indispensable minimum to fulfill its purpose.

In any case, the users can form their navigator, so that deshabilite or blocks the reception of all or some of the cookies. The fact of not wishing to receive these
cookies, do not constitute an impediment to be able to accede to the information of the websites of the organization although the use of some services could be limited. If once granted the consent for the reception of cookies, would be desired to retire this one, will be due to eliminate those stored in the team of the user, through the options of the different navigators.

The form to form the different navigators to exercise the actions indicated in the previous paragraphs, can be consulted in: * Explorer: * Chrome: * Firefox:


Other data to include in the Web following the service or product offered by the company: - Codes of conduct to that they are adhered. - Data regarding necessary the administrative authorization for the exercise of the activity. - Data of school registration and academic title of professionals who carry out a regulated activity. - Additional information when to the service it is acceded by means of a phone number of additional pricing. - If in addition it realises contracts online must add the following information with previous character to the hiring process: * Proceedings that must be followed to contract online. * If the electronic document of the contract is going away to file and if this one is accessible. * Average technicians to identify and to correct errors in the introduction of data. * Language or languages in which the contract will be able to become serious. * general Conditions to that, where appropriate, the contract subjects. * To confirm the celebration of the contract by via electronics, by means of the shipment of a receipt requested of the realised order.

Clause rgpd-lopd/gdd for the fulfillment of having informative and obtaining of the consent through the Web


In agreement with established in the General Regulation of Protection of Data (2016/679 RGPD) and Statutory law 3/2018, into 5 of December, Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of the Digital Rights, we informed to him that we will treat his personal data in order to:

[To render or to give to him to the service or contracted product to him, and to inform on products or services to him published in our Web]

The provided personal data will be conserved, while the mercantile relation stays, does not ask for their suppression by the interested one, or during 1 year from the last confirmation of interest, or during required time to fulfill the legal obligations. The company will not make automated decisions. The data will not be yielded to third parties safe in the cases in that a legal obligation exists and we will deal with them on the basis of [his consent or execution a contract].

Also, we informed to him into the possibility of exerting the following right ones on its personal data: straight of access, rectification, suppression or forgetfulness, limitation, opposition, portability and to retire the given consent, for it will be able to send an email a: In addition, the interested one can go to the Authority of Control in the matter of competent Protection of Data to obtain additional data or to make a complaint.

Identifying data of the person in charge: ANA MARIA APPLE TREE SIMON, 77454853F, WAY FATHER CURES EPF-OASIS 3 17 BLQ 1º D - 29680 - ESTEPONA - MALAGA, 655784239 DPD: [Must Here detail the data of contact of the DPD, if] has named


The purpose and predicted use as much of the data in themselves as of its treatment, are to serve asked for or to give to him the acquired product to him. Next it will be able to accept the purposes that create advisable marking their corresponding square and clicando in the button TO ACCEPT, considers that some purposes can be necessary to be able to him to serve, in the case of marking these squares, will not be possible to be rendered/to give to the service/associate product.

[_] Benefit of the contracted service (If it accepts the treatment of his data with this purpose marks this square)

[_] Shipment of the acquired product (If it accepts the treatment of his data with this purpose marks this square)

[_] Shipment of supplies of products and services of its interest (If it accepts the treatment of his data with this purpose marks this square)