Home to write this article recently basing me on a lived experience when it looked for information on products in Internet.

Because it needed information certain things, I sailed in many websites and I tried to put to me with the people in charge of the site in touch and in the majority of the cases I could not, because their forms of contact did not work correctly.

It was there where I realized of which much people do not know the importance that has the forms of contact of a website.

It is for that reason, that I decided to write this article to count the importance that has the forms of contact in a Web, in addition to how really must be created a form Web.


What is a contact form Web?


It is evident by its name that a form Web is by where we are going to make contact with all those people who visit our website to solve some doubt, advice or complaint, or want to communicate something to us.


Why it is important to have a contact form Web?


There are several forms to contact with the users who visit our website.

As it is spending the time, the forms to contact with our clients are extended, since they are developed plugins so that this communication is more fluid and fast.

From the homes of the websites, the contact page exists, where this all the information of the company necessary to contact.

Nowadays, several forms exist either to do it of instantaneous form, or by a chat, leaving their phone number so that they call to us or only clicking in a phone number obtaining a call at the moment.

From always the form that was to contact with the person in charge of the website, it was by means of the contact form Web, and today it continues it being, since in many cases the new forms to communicate so are not used by the users.

How it has to be a contact form Web?


The contact forms do not have to be an interrogation, but rather, a nexus of communication, to manage to clarify the doubts or to solve the incidences that can exist.

It is certain that all the forms of contact Web cannot be equal, since all the Webs are different due to their thematic or services that offer.

It is important that the form of contact of a website is clear and where can be asked for something without having to leave too many data that do not have anything to do with the consultation that one is going to realise.

A contact form correct Web must include the essential data to respond that question, and in the assumption case that is by a product or exclusive department the option to the user of the autocompletado one would be due to give or that the contact form is related to the subject to consult.

A clear example would be when a person enters a product and has certain doubts on the same. In many cases (it finishes me happening) a mail to a general mail of the Web would have to write and to explain him what is the product putting the reference of this or a connection and to begin to realise the corresponding consultations.

The possibility exists of implementing in this case a contact form Web in each product, thus obtaining of sending a form of contact with the references already enrolled in the same, doing the easiest things to him to the user.

Another example could be, giving the option to the user to choose to that department wishes to send the mail with its consultation, as long as the webpage can implement it.

This way not only the user decides to whom to be sent it, but also the mail would go directed directly to that corresponds and thus it would be reduced to the time of contact between the user and the company.

If you reduce the steps necessary to write to you, he will increase the number of people who do it.



Forms of contact Web and the new law of protection of data


For a time already the law of protection of data this stepping on hard and everybody little by little has been adapting to it.

A part of the information of the users who visit a website is acquired by means of the contact form, is for that reason reason why the same must be adapted to the new norms, since, many have and continue making businesses with the data of the users.

To adapt the form to the new law of protection of data, is to give the option to the users to read the norms that our website with respect to its data has and to force it to accept them if it wishes to send its consultations.

Otherwise, if he does not accept these norms, the user will not be able to send his consultation, complains or suggestion.

In all emails, is necessary to add another legal postcript, that can go to the foot of the email (after the signature) and must be legible to the 100%.

I recommend to you that you read the article on

New Law of Protection of data

Security for contact forms Web


If you have a form of contact in your website, you are exposed to continuous messages of Spam produced by bots.

It is for that reason, that is recommendable to install in the form of contact of a website the protection antiSpam that offers very same Google to us, recaptcha among others.

All the forms of contact of WordPress have the option to implement this system in the same, thus making more insurances the messages than they arrive our website to us.

So that you become an idea than I am speaking to them, them story that recaptcha is the famous one €œI AM NOT a ROBOT€ or the order of a result of a sum among others types of confirmations antiSpam.

Plugins to create forms of contact for WordPress


As all know WordPress is a CMS that has repositorio giant of plugins, and as it could not less be a great variety of plugins of creation of contact forms exists that are very good and bring functionalities that can cover the different needs from the developers of a Web.

I would like to clarify that the same WordPress brings by defect a contact form, which can be used and adapt to the basic needs of a Web.

Next, I will name 3 you of plugins more used for the creation of forms of contact in WordPress.

Contact Form 7

perhaps he is plugins more used for the creation of forms of contact in WordPress because it is of first. You can use free and its simplicity causes that it is of the favourites between the users.

Gravity Forms

this plugins is of payment, although it is not of most expensive. It allows you to create all type of forms, in addition to the possibility of connecting them with external services as MAilchimp, AWeber among others. It takes 2 systems of antiSpam that protects of the post office trash to us.

Ninja Forms

plugin in gratuitous and premium version. He is around the other plugins already named. Addons contains many, in addition to 4 antiSpam. Another good alternative to create contact forms Web in WordPress.

I recommend to you that you read the article on

What are plugins of WordPress?


Since you will have been able to read in this article, the contact forms Web are very important to obtain a fast and direct contact with your users.

It is for that reason reason why he is recommendable that these work correctly and that the data that are asked for in the same are right and the necessary ones to avoid to lose the interest of communication on the part of the user.

You do not have to forget the adaptation with the new norms the law of protection of data and legal warning, as well as to protect of that they fill your inbox to you of Spam mail.

Forms of contact Web
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The contact forms are the important tool but at the time of communicating to you with the users who visit your Web.
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