When we spoke of SEO we spoke of many actions to realise so that our website positions more above possible when a search is realised.

Surely you have heard often speak that to position the content is very important, and thus is, but also you will have heard speak on linkbuilding that is a strategy of creation of connections so that your website has more visits with the purpose of to secure more conversions.

It is why in this article I will explain to you that they are backlink and how to identify those that are of bad quality and with what bad tools you can eliminate backlinks.

What is backlink?

When we spoke of Backlink we are speaking of connections that direct to our website. It is very important that our website has backlinks, since whatever more pages connect to our website the authority and relevance of our site will increase.

This way we will scale more positions in Google, thus obtaining our objective.

But it is very important that you know that all the backlink that they can arrive at the website are not of good quality. It is why we must have much taken care of at the time of connecting our website.

What are the toxic connections?

All those connections that arrive at our website of pages that are not excellent to the eyes of Google, are considered connections toxic.

It is why it is very important to study the connections, since, if arrives from pages of bad quality, or that they have had some type of penalty of Google we would have in our Profile Link (connection profile) a toxic connection.

What happens if Google detects toxic connections in my Web?

You are screw oneself. The algorithm Google Penguin is in charge to analyze all the suspicious connections that a Web receives. When this one detects that toxic connections in a Web exist, it penalizes it by bad practices, taking to this website to a great fall of traffic.

I recommend to you that you read the article on

New Law of Protection of data

How to detect toxic connections in my Web?

A great amount of tools exists with which toxic connections in your website can be detected. Many of them are of payment, but also there are others they are gratuitous and they can help to solve your problem you of toxic connections.

Once you have chosen one of these tools, you will have to realise an audit of your connections, later to analyze which are those toxic connections that your website is receiving.

At the time of realising the analysis of the connections you would have to consider the metric ones and to suspect those connections that have worse score.

Another point to consider when analyzing the connections, is the thematic one that connection has, since if the thematic one does not correspond with the one of our website it would give much that to think€¦

How to eliminate the toxic connections of my Web?

Once you have detected the toxic connections of your website and are already safe to want to clear the toxic connections, you will have to use the tool Disavow KLink Tool, of Google Search Console.

This tool is most well-known and effective for this case, and it will allow us to send a report to him to Google with all those connections that we do not want that it considers, indicating to him that the connections that appear within the report they are of low quality and want to undo of them.


 To have a strategy of linkbuilding in our website is fundamental so that this one positions more above possible, but we must do it correctly and trying to make the things as Google commands. Otherwise, as Google identifies a toxic connection in the Web penalizes and you see your Web to you/business in more under the finder.

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