The search of keywords for your Web is the base of any strategy of SEO, being the first and most important one of all the phases. For that reason, a good methodology is important to realise applying it to know how to identify keywords that they agree to him more to your site in line.

In order to realise your Keyword research, is fundamental that you define your objectives, for example, if you have a florist's in line and you want to position it in the web search engine google, in order to gain traffic, visits and therefore to catch a great number of potential clients. Then you will require to establish a listing of keywords that help you to reach those objectives.

Through keyword research you can make that more people arrive until you, when obtaining in line see your website between the first options of his search. In the measurement that you manage to define a listing of keywords that really define what beams and you can give a good use to the SEO and SEM, you will be able to see grow your business in line or generally of positioning any type of websites.

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What is SEO SEM?

What is the Keyword research?

We can define the Keyword research as a strategy of investigation of market, which consists of detecting the excellent keywords, that you must apply to the content of your website to be able to obtain a really qualified traffic of users.

The qualified traffic that you can obtain applying to the Keyword research is very important, since it is to catch the good attention of users defined, compatible to the content that nourishes a certain website.

In this way it is possible to obtain a greater rate of conversion as far as sales talks about, as well as to increase the pick up of likes, subscribers, followers, really, through keyword research is managed to purify the search to obtain a public to aim more to your objective.

We can classify keyword research in three types, according to the amount of words that conform it. These are: short tail, middle tail and long tail.

In the case of short tail, one is the generic term. This type of keyword characterizes himself to have more traffic, but as well greater competition. Whereas middle tail is the turn out to combine I finish generic plus an attribute, with a little less than traffic and less competition.

On the other hand, keywords of tail type long, is equivalent to all a phrase, that is to say, is integrated by several words. These are characterized for being those of smaller degree of competition.

Based on the analysis of the monthly volume search, one becomes possible to determine which of the 3 types of keyword research will be to you more advisable.

When have to realise a Keyword would research?

Surely you will have asked yourself Why so is important the Keyword research? , and the answer is forceful: one is the best mechanism to guarantee than the Internet users can arrive more easily until you.

We remember that the majority of the people accedes to the diverse websites using web search engines, and the options better positioned only turn out to be the winners of the daily fight to reach the first places of keyword research.

The Keyword research can be applied as much in any stage of the Web, that is to say, for new projects, as well as to harness to which already they have presence online but that they require to increase the flow of visitors.

If the Web is in construction, he is ideal to initiate with a good strategy of keyword research to guarantee a good positioning from the home. In the case of those projects that already are in march, they also can put in practices this strategy to optimize the content of the site online.

What tools to use to realise keyword research?

Multiple tools exist that you can use to realise keyword efficiently research and in addition gratuitous. We have selected for you the best recommendations to help to develop a strategy you of successful SEO designed on the basis of real data and objectives.

Tools for keyword research

1) First of all, we can emphasize between the tools available for keyword research the Planner of key words of Google, which you can locate easily as it leaves from your account of Google Ads.

There you will be able to free locate the most advisable keywords based on your necessity.

2) Another one of the favorite tools for a great number of SEO in the world, is Answer the public, which fulfills a roll as facilitator of the search of keywords.

3) Although its service is of payment, you can make use of powerful a version limited and gratuitous of the KWFinder. Through him, you will find right recommendations to put in practices the best strategy of keyword research.

4) If we spoke of simplicity and utility, you can make use of the Keywords Everywhere, that is a very compact tool that works through an extension of Firefox or Chrome.

5) Google offers another gratuitous tool destined to facilitate and to optimize the process search of keywords, is Google Trends. Between its kindness it emphasizes the possibility of filtering the searches by categories, countries and even of differentiating the types from devices used for navigation.

6) But still research are more tools of keyword to obtain an optimal positioning for your Web. The sixth and last option of our list denominates Soovle to him, has as competitive advantage the fact to work not only with Google, but in addition with other important web search engines as Yahoo or Bing. But also he is ideal for e-commerce, since it is used for eBay, Amazon, among others.


The coarse universe of contents that nourish Internet more and more makes difficult the possibility of being able to accede to the contents that really interests to us, is for that reason that it becomes necessary to understand the mysteries that surround keyword research based on facilitating to the users their search and guaranteeing for you results that favor the growth of the positioning of your website to obtain a greater traffic and more sales for your business online.

What is Keyword research or search of keywords?
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What is Keyword research or search of keywords?
The search of keywords for your Web is the base of any strategy of SEO, being the first and most important one of all the phases.
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