Strategic marketing is a powerful tool that allows to fortify your capacities to arrive at more clients and to secure a considerable increase in your levels of sales and therefore of your income, for that reason is worth the pain to know in detail all whatever involves this subject.

In this post we will deepen as far as this interesting tool, answering questions that surely you are being made, as What is strategic marketing? , Why it is important? , How it works? and how to make strategic marketing?

But to understand better in question, it is important to start off from the base, soon to deepen in the subject. For this reason, we are going to begin to define what means I finish Marketing?

Marketing I could be defined as the set of activities that the companies and/or the entrepreneurs realise, to give satisfactory answers to the market in which they develop. The marketing concept has evolved throughout the decades, for example, in 80 years ' s it made reference to the traditional publicity of massive means.

The areas of marketing are the investigation of market, the product development, the channels of distribution, the communication as much at internal level as external and the commercial activity.

Today when we spoke of marketing, we talked about to the implementation of strategies for the positioning of the SEO and SEM, since the technology has penetrated with such force, that it has modified the behavior of the clients and its habits of consumption, taking to the commercial world to develop strategies directed towards that new slope.

What is strategic marketing?

Using a practical definition, we can say that strategic marketing is that one that responds to two great questions which normally all company faces, which are: Where we are? and Towards where we want to go?

Strategic marketing consists of analyzing the market and the election of the marketing strategy to use to reach your commercial objectives. For it, it is necessary to fulfill a phase of investigation that allows you to know or the market in which you evolve or that you try to attack, of way like you can act with knowledge and thus avoid to commit errors.

The major key for the success of strategic marketing in your business is in a serious investigation that allows you to collect reliable data.

The characteristics that define strategic marketing differentiate it from another important, well-known modality as strategic marketing, that he is that one that is used to secure the raised objectives.

The majority of the specialists in the area considers that strategic marketing and operative marketing are complemented, comprising of a great everything with regard to the strategy of a company, since one defines what, whereas the other responds to how. Two objectives that differentiate them and therefore it is important not to confuse them.

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Why is important strategic Marketing?

When putting in practice strategic marketing, is possible to develop to a series of competitive advantages that will allow you to reach an improvement in the market, disturbing its operation to your favor.

In order to answer the premise that many are realised as far as Why is important strategic marketing? We can affirm in principle that it is a joint action or of them who are used for being able to make feel with greater force a brand in the market.

It provides to the companies the power to assume an offensive strategy against its competitors and to improve its positioning in the market as well.

Strategic marketing is a valuable tool to find those niches that are not covered by the great companies and thus to be able to position you in that sector, without the necessity to face to you much more great competitors, obtaining therefore an increase in your gains.

How work Strategic does Marketing?

In order to put in practice strategic marketing in your business, it is necessary to understand which is its operation. Although it can get to seem complex for many, we have selected his main functions, in order that more people or companies can make use of this powerful tool.

Thanks to strategic marketing it is possible to draw up and to determine long term objectives, as well as the power to establish a solid strategy of positioning of the brand and its products.

Also it facilitates the process of analysis of the competition and finally to develop, and to execute a plan of commercial law action with defined and possible objectives good.

One is to align all the objectives of the company along with the values of the brand, to know your consumer and to develop the strategies that let you grow of form maintained in the time.

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How to make Strategic Marketing?

In order to develop a good plan of strategic marketing for your company you must pay special attention to the following set of phases.

Phases of Strategic Marketing

1) First that you need is to develop a situacional analysis, for it you must collect all the data possible of your company in order to be able to be informed well and thus to be able to plan and to develop better your strategy of marketing.

2) Another important point is to have well-defined which is your goal, that is to say, the objectives that you look for. We remember that the objectives are classified in two types, who are; the main objectives (in the long term) and the secondary targets (to medium and short term).

For example, some of the most common objectives are: To increase the sales or to improve branding.

3) Soon the definition of strategies corresponds, that can focus on the basis of aspects as being different themselves from the competition, establishing a strategy of prices or to focus in covering the needs with a concrete niche.

4) Once designed your strategies you must determine the concrete tactics to use, that is to say, those actions, to happen to describe and to act in detail the form in which you are going to secure those objectives.

5) The money which it is had to the development of strategic marketing is a key factor to consider, since the budget will be the control for all the expenses that you will be able to realise.

6) Finally, the phase of analysis of results of your strategies of marketing corresponds to verify its operation and the reached objectives.


What is Strategic Marketing?
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What is Strategic Marketing?
What is strategic marketing? , Why it is important? , How it works? and how to make strategic marketing?
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