SEO generally it understands a series of techniques and strategies to obtain that a page appears more above within the listing of result of Google, without having to pay to make publicity.

The SEO on Page is that one that is realised within your website and for it they exist a set of strategies that you can apply to your project so that the content of your page against others is positioned better.

Generally, we can say that the SEO on Page bears much relation to the analytical one, the experimentation, the H1 and in how improving the experience of the user when it arrives at your webpage. Hat is associated to SEO White, which is not penalized by the motor giant of Google searches, being a method of optimization of keywords made to last in the time and which therefore it is highly recommendable.

What is SEO On Page?

In very simple words, we can affirm that the SEO on Page is the application of a series of strategies to transmit to Google of very clear form which is the thematic one that it approaches our site in line. This is obtained by means of the search of keywords that fit with the description of their internal content.

I finish On Page makes reference to all the actions that are developed within our Web, being the following step that you must give after realising the study of keywords.

The SEO on Page talks about to everything what you can control, such as texts, photos or internal liaisons. Whereas to what you cannot control it knows him as SEO Off Page.

Of what on consists the SEO page?

Strategies of SEO on Page

Basically of SEO exist two high strategy on Page, that are:

1) The technical optimization

Here it looks for that the code is clean, that it loaded quickly, that is able to adapt well to all the types of screens, that counts on all the labels that it requires and that have a good architecture.

The Web must work to the 100% and take advantage of all the resources to be able to position itself better within the million options that the web search engine shows.

2) Creation of optimized contents

This aspect is another one of the bases of the SEO on page, since the success depends to a great extent on the texts that your webpage contains, or in the fixed sections or a blog.

For that reason, it is important that the texts include the suitable keywords, so that Google understands of what treats your Web and can include to you enters the main results. But also it is important to think about the user and to offer a content attractive and easy to read.

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Why is important the SEO on page?

The answer is simple. The importance of this type of SEO is so great that it must be taken very in serious if you look for to position any type of contents within your Web and to obtain permanent traffic in her, in addition to being profitable and very simple to use.

He is vital facing a positioning strategy, for that reason we must always consider the maximum respect to the canons that prevail to Google in this matter. We must consider that will not don't mention it serve to construct incoming connections to us if the content located to internal it of the website really is not optimized.

For a solid strategy of SEO On Page, you must define the priorities according to the needs of the project. We must have much taken care of, since when you allow the existence of problems of internal optimization, the result will be catastrophic for your strategy of SEO, since Google simply will lose the interest in our webpage.

In case you are not the direct owner of the project Web, you must make him understand to the person in charge of the same about the importance degree that locks up each change in the search to reach a better positioning in the web search engines.

Strategies of SEO on Page

Many factors important exist to consider at the time of developing a complete strategy of SEO On Page, for that reason next we will emphasize most important that you do not have to let pass to obtain the best results.

1) Keyword research

It consists of the study of keywords that will facilitate the choice to you of keywords more advisable for your website.

2) The structure of the Web

It is fundamental that the skeleton that gives to organic form to the Web this optimizing, since otherwise we will remain easily behind our competitors. In case errors in your structure exist Web, by more troublesome than it is, you will have to change it, since its function is vital.

3) URL Friendly

This it is another aspect to consider, since the connections must be easy to understand by the web search engine.

4) Content marketing

The content marketing is to identify information that can be of utility for the users who follow us, or a store online, a corporative Web or a blog.

5) Internal linking

More and more it is considered by Google, has to do with the forms to establish the entailment of the diverse connections located to the interior of your website.

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When we spoke of SEO on Page we talked about to all those techniques of positioning that are applied within a specific website, through him it is managed to work all the elements on which you have control, being allowed that you dedicate yourself to as much create a perfect site from the technical point of view as of the content and the experience for the user.

You must think your content based on which it likes to Google, but in addition in which it likes the user, since the idea is to be able to make publications destined to satisfy human users and not to limit themselves only using a language machine to obtain traffic, means then that a balance must exist.

If you want to position your webpage, then you cannot stop applying to the SEO on page, since it is the base to obtain a good positioning.

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