Also known as domains in Internet, the domains Web they are, in very simple terms, the physical address of a webpage. As well as in the case of the people and companies, this direction must be registered and this it is one of the main steps in all project Web.

The domain of a webpage acts the double as to serve as direction and denomination of the same. For example, in the case of Google, its domain is This is the direction that we added in the navigator to be able to find the home page, but as well, it is the name with which it is identified to the famous finder.

Types of domains

The domains Web own certain attributes that are essential so that these can work. In this sense, it is precise to know that these are made up of two parts: name and extension. First, it is the denomination that serves to identify it and the second indicates its nature (for example, .com, .es, .gov, among others).

According to his extension they can be classified of two forms: as domains of first level or or generic level. First they are reserved by the countries and they are identified by the code of these, for example, .es, .cl or .mx. Second they are made up of more than two letters and are generally those that are known popularly (.com, .info, .org, among others). 

The domains cannot be registered by any person. The Corporation of Internet for the Allocation of names and numbers of Domains, well-known as ICANN by its abbreviations in English, is the organism in charge to regulate this activity and that decides which are the credited companies to carry out registries.         

Importance of the domain Web

One of the main functions of the domains Web, it is to simplify the life of the users. The servers do not interact in the same way with the webpages in which the human beings do it.

For a servant, a direction Web is composed by a series of numbers (direction IP) as for example Perhaps to remember these numbers is not difficult, but to yes memorise those of all the pages to which we accede on a daily basis. It is for this reason, that a domain is used that facilitates the users to find the site whom they look for.

Starting off of it, another excellent aspect arises and is that to the being the domain the identifier of the webpage, this acts the same as of the commercial name of a company. Therefore, the correct thing is that the domain is created by experts, who know to construct it including the elements that guarantee their effectiveness.

By virtue of it, certain aspects exist nails to consider when it thinks about a domain. We already explained that this it acts as to facilitate to the user the memorization of the direction Web of a page. Based on this purpose, the domain will have to be:


Easy to remember and, therefore, to write


Short, since while more length is simpler to forget it


Simple, without scripts nor numbers



Additionally, one is due to think about the benefits that the company can be useful from this denomination. An efficient domain will have strategic words that they favor the positioning of the page. Also, it must serve to harness branding and create affinity with the users. Briefly, it must be attractive the public and to observe the rules of the web search engines.

By all this, the experts recommend that this process is fruit of a work altogether between the brand and a company specialized in the matter. Thus, it will be possible to create a domain Web that fulfills its purpose completely and is as well of utility to optimize the positioning SEO of the brand in the finders.

What is a domain Web?
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What is a domain Web?
Types of domains Web Importance of the domain Web
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