What is SEO or positioning Web?

The SEO is the acronym of €œOptimization Search Engine€, that specifically talks about to the techniques of optimization of the search engine optimization of a company or any other platform online.

The SEO was born in 1996 when the boom of the webpages began. In that year diverse finders as the one of Google were created, Yahoo, AltaVista, among others. With them the owners of the platforms online discovered that they could make more money increasing the traffic of users towards these sites. That went what gave rise to the SEO.

We can define the SEO as a series of mechanisms of digital marketing destined to impel the positioning in Google of a webpage by means of the increase of visits of the users. It is centered specifically in the results of the organic searches of Google.

In order to do a little more understandable east concept, is necessary to know that the SEO is the method by which the webpages improve their visibility, obtaining that the finders as Google defines them as the first options to choose when the user introduces the key words about a certain subject that he wishes to investigate.

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“Why it serves the SEO?

The SEO is a strategy that serves so that a webpage reaches the positioning wished in Internet and that the users can accede quickly to her when they realise a process search in finders.

This implies a series of advantages for the owners and administrators of the websites, since the increase of the traffic of users in the Web is translated in one better position and one better reputation in the digital surroundings.

That is to say, through SEO we can improve the values in which a web search engine is based to position a Web. Two of these main S-values:



One talks about to the relation that exists between a webpage determined before a search of specific information on the part of the user. One is not only based on the fact that the platform often has the term or keyword but in other criteria on-site, since nowadays the quality of the contents is indispensable.



It is not another thing but the fame that the Web has, that depends directly on the quality of the information that it includes. If a content joint party often is meant that it is of quality and has been useful for many people. As it is based specifically on the experience of the user is the most important criterion in the SEO.

œ”Types of SEO

Organic SEO

The natural positioning talks about to the position that has a page in the listing of results that offers a finder when the user has realised a search, writing of unconscious form the key words.

The organic term drift about the fact that one is the place that naturally has the webpage in the finders. In it the algorithms of Google only take part, since this finder does not obtain any type of economic remuneration to position a webpage. These algorithms cannot be altered nor be modified by the user.


SEM is the acronym of €œSearch Engine Marketing€. One is the use of some tools and strategies of Marketing online that are applied with the aim of obtaining a greater visibility and optimizing the access to a website by means of the finders available in Internet.

In some cases, as it happens with Google, the finders offer those tools destined to facilitate the promotion of the pages in the web search engines, by means of a series of announcements that help to increase the traffic of users. These tools are based on the analysis search of keywords, management of you bid up and elaboration of announcements.

— Importance of the SEO

In fact the reasons are many for which the positioning of a webpage is important. First of them it is the fact that it provides major utility to the webpage in the web search engines and for the users.  This means that it helps these motors to identify the subject which it deals with the page and if he is useful for the navigators of the Web.

The SEO is a very effective technique to help the users to find your website, giving answer to which looks for specifically, thus satisfying its needs search in Internet. It is very useful as much for pages of content as for platforms dedicated to the electronic commerce.

If you want that a user arrives quickly at your website you must use the strategy SEO. This is due that the finders represent the best way to manage to increase the traffic of users in the platform. Even though he is not something simple yes is important so that you obtain the positioning of your Web wished in Internet.

We can clearly define three important reasons for which it is important to start up a strategy SEO: To increase the traffic of users to a Web, to increase the visibility of the website, as well as the return of the investment and the rate of conversion.

SEO On-page

One is the part of the SEO that takes care specifically of the relevance; that is to say, it guarantees that the webpage is optimized of way like the web search engine understands its content. Some of the aspects that it has in consideration are the time of load, the optimization of the code and keywords, as well as the format of the URL.

SEO In off - page

One talks about to the part of the SEO that is in charge to analyze the external factors of a website, such as the amount and quality of connections that it has, the mentions or appointments in social means, the yield in results search, the presence in the social networks, among others own factors of the CTR.

™‚️T©cnicas of the SEO

The techniques of the SEO as far as the web search engine are two: Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. We will explain them to you next:

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat is the name that is provided to the dedicated actions to improve the positioning of a webpage in the finders, by means of the application of methods that go against the norms of the web search engine, that is to say, are little ethical.

It is a form to deceive the users who accede to the finders to find certain information. It generates some short term benefits but it requires to maintain a continuity and in fact it does not make any contribution of value.

Even though these techniques are not ethical yes are legal, reason why some experts in SEO do not doubt in continuing applying them. Nevertheless, some important actions online have been penalized by Google.

Some of the techniques applied in Black Hat SEO are:



One talks about to one of the strongest techniques. One is to make a species of cloning a website to be able to secure some connections and to deceive the finders, that can consider it as original. It is a very dangerous method, because if it is detected it is sanctioned automatically.



It is a well-known technique as back door. One talks about to a method by that connections or contents within an external website but of hidden form are inserted, with the aim of which loses his positioning in the finders of Internet.


Massive mailing

One is the shipment of e-mails the users, with the new features than it happens in the page. Many usually are sent emails, reason why it is considered as a Spam.


SEO Negativo

One is a group of focused actions to produce damage and to harm to the competition, by means of messages Spam, negative commentaries, among others not at all ethical methods.



It is a procedure that consists of placing commentaries in the blogs, of extreme form and without value, with the aim of making contact towards other websites.


Keyword Stuffing

One is an excessive use of the key words in the content of the webpages. It does not matter if they do not have sense. They are repeated much in the text in an unrestrained fashion. Therefore, the finders identify them quickly.



It is a deceptive technique in which a certain format is the users and Google another one. It was very common initially but due to the exhaustive control that is exerted Google there is handicapped gradually.


Hidden texts

One is another deceptive procedure. One is to include by means of Javascript an invisible text that does not visualize the users easily but it is detected by the web search engines on the Web.



It is a process that consists of plagiarizing texts and fixing them so that Google detects them as original. Very it is used since it reduces to the time and the costs of the production of contents for the websites.

White Hat SEO

They are all opposed to the Black hat SEO. SEO is the set of techniques by means of which a webpage in the finders is positioned, fulfilling all the correct norms and ethical actions, according to you rule established by Google.

In fact he is the recommended type of SEO more, in view of than with possible penalties are avoided. One of its main functions is to contribute value to the content, that is translated in more validity on the part of the users.

Some of their techniques SEO are oriented towards:


Key words

It is important to identify the key words and to introduce them in the text with much naturalness. They are used of an suitable form, contributing felt to the information and in the place of the Web where they are necessary.



It is very important that all the texts within a webpage are original. This he is one of the aspects more valued by the finders. It avoids the plagiarism of other websites.



The users are the priority of a website, for this reason, is important to design it in such a way that he provides a good experience to him. Another important aspect is that the design of the Web is realised in such a way that visualizes or in diverse platforms, as much in the computer, as in the Tablet or the mobile phone. This it is known him as Responsive Design.


External liaisons

As it happens with the key words, the external liaisons must be introduced with naturalness within the Web, with related pages and that have quality content.



Nowadays one of the elements most important to obtain a good positioning is the quality of the content. It tries to provide to your users excellent information and that it contributes something important and of its interest.

Benefits of the SEO of a webpage done correctly

When they are applied the legal strategies of the SEO in a webpage are many the benefits that are obtained. Among them we found:


Good position in the lists of the finders

Once the user makes a search, the connection towards the website will leave in the first sites of the lists.


It provides confidence and security to the users

When located being within the first options of the lists of results of the finders, the website will contribute to security and confidence to the users.


Greater presence within the social networks

The majority of the people usually shares in its social networks some information of interest, which spreads quickly and thus it occurs to know the website.


Increase of the visibility in the finders of Internet

The users will be able to more easily visualize the website within the finders of Internet.


Increase of the traffic of users of the page

As the connection of the page appears in the first lists of the finders usually increases the amount of users who accede to her.

What is SEO or positioning Web?
It develops an important fidelity on the part of the users
Once the users discover that the information of the webpage has good quality and is to them useful usually are quite faithful to those Webs.
Without distinction some about the thematic one that treats the websites is important to apply to the strategy SEO, with the aim of achieveing the success wished in Internet and being positioned well.
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