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RGPD and new law of protection of data

After many months of delay and doubts on the new features that would contribute to us the new law of protection of data already finally in December has published the Law 3/2018 of 5 of December of protection of personal data and guarantee of the digital rights.

This new law comes to fill up the hollow necessary to develop and to complement the gathered thing in the European Regulation of Protection of Datos (RGPD). One is a normative text that will allow to in line give to a sense and a coherence to the personal data processing in our country with the premises established at European level.

In the digital scope, where the information are something fundamental, the use and the management that becomes of that information and the associated data her causes that the companies must adopt measures to avoid an inadequate use of those data.

1.3? Explicit consent

1.3.1 Conclusion

New features of Law 3/2018 of protection of data and guarantee of the digital rights (LOPDGDD)

After the publication of the new norm in this matter new features in relation to the personal data and, especially, in the treatment of the data in the digital scope have been introduced.

We summarize, next, some of the most important new features that it incorporates this new norm of protection of personal data.

Digital rights

One of the main new features of this new law is, indeed, the incorporation of the recognition of a series of digital rights that come already announced in their same title.

Some of these rights are right of universal access to Internet, the digital security, to the digital, of rectification in Internet, right to the update of information in digital mass media, right education to the privacy and use of digital devices in the labor, right scope to the digital disconnection in the scope toils, rights of portability in services of networks social and equivalent, right to the digital testament, etc.

The fulfillment of these digital rights implies that the companies consider in their webpages a suitable organization of the information and the forms of information collection.

Policy of privacy

Of this form it will be necessary to contemplate one double layer of information. On the one hand, the information contained in the privacy policy that already you came incorporating and, on the other hand, to incorporate information in the own forms of the webpage. In these forms it must appear the information on the acceptance of the privacy policy, as well as the information exceeds what treatment will occur to that information.

Explicit consent

Now with the new norm it will be necessary that the consent of the users for the treatment of the data is explicit, therefore, we will have to put a click so that the user indicates that €œhe accepts the privacy policy€ and, in addition, once stuffed the form will be sent an email to him to the user in whom he will have to confirm his consent to subscribe it to our information.

RGPD and new law of protection of data
These are some of the aspects more outstanding than it incorporates the new law. However, for any business in the digital scope it is necessary to fulfill and to be abreast of the requirements that there are to consider in the handling of information and data of third parties. This is especially important when we managed data in our webpages.
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RGPD and new law of protection of data
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