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What is the Marketing of contents?

The marketing of contents is a strategy to catch and to attract potentials clients in a certain niche. The use of this strategy is not nothing new, for already more than 12 years has come using.

of the marketing of contents?

The main objective of the marketing of contents is to attract clients by means of strategies of marketing, strategies of SEO and much more. This way you can generate more sales and therefore majors income for your company.

So that the marketing of contents attracts clients and generates sales are due to meet certain conditions at the time of elaborating content.

To produce sufficient content of quality

In order to start up a marketing strategy contained you must maintain updated your webpage. This is of great importance since if content in short periods is not introduced the client can stop considering your page as an interesting source of intelligence and stopping visiting it. Nevertheless, it is important that when generating contents information centered in a niche is offered in particular. Thanks to it your clients will know that they will find in your page.

Another one of the points important to realise the good marketing of contents is the quality the content. If the information that you offer is not correct your clients can distrust of the information who you offer in the website and stop going in search of information. You must take care of much this part so that your page can stay enters one of the most visited by the clients.

Having a niche in specific you can vary the subjects on which you speak in the page. You cannot speak of the same in everything what you publish. You will need to analyze and to observe the competition and to approach the subjects that escape to him to them.

To elaborate a budget

You will need to invest in the design Web and the creation of contents so that your page can attract clients. You must bring about sufficient confidence so that the people feel that your Web is of quality and realise the purchase of your products. If he does not have confidence will not pay absolutely anything, and to generate confidence you need to make see your page as professional. This is obtained investing estimated. Although it is not necessary to invest great amounts to offer good content, if that you will have to make some small investments.

Reasons to make marketing of contents

A store online must realise marketing of contents by different reasons that you must remember very. The trade online now represents more of 80% of the sales that are realised annually anywhere in the world. To stay updated with respect to this must be one of the main priorities if you want to generate important income.


It improves the image of your brand

When presenting content of quality for the people who visit your page improvements the image that your clients have of your company. If you have a professional webpage you can generate opinions and positive valuations that will help you to obtain more visits and to than speak of you. If you secure that they list your website from other sites online you will gain authority by the network.


Better relations with your users

The content marketing allows that you have a more direct communication with the users. They can communicate doubts to you by means of the commentaries that incorporate in the same page. You must always allow your clients to be able to contact with you and to pose his doubts to you so that you can answer and that a relation between both is constructed therefore.


It improves your positioning in the different finders

You must know very clearly your strategy SEO so that you can obtain a good positioning in the web search engines. One of the main targets in the marketing of contents is to enter top 10 of the pages that are offered as results when a search is realised.

In order to appear in the same top it is necessary that you have a good organic positioning that you will obtain so much with the design Web that you have as with your strategies of marketing of contents.

As creating an effective strategy of marketing of contents?

In order to create an effective strategy of marketing of contents you must consider several aspects that are crucial to attract potential clients.


It knows your situation to begin with

  • In order to know as you are positioned with your website first that you must do is to pose a few questions to you. With the answers that you obtain you could make a much more exact summary of how it is your Web in relation to the marketing of contents. Some of the questions that you can consider are:
  • Who I am and what I do? You must be able to respond on what it is your niche and the products that you are selling. Also you must know clearly the touch or meeting points points that you have with your clients.
  • What makes your competition? You always must analyze your competition to see his weakness and to take advantage of them. If you detect that the pages of your competition do not have sufficient information in his webpage on a subject in particular your you can approach it. This way your clients will see that the information that you offer to them is much more complete.
That says your clients of you? Your reputation is a very important step for a good development of your marketing of contents. With a good reputation you can catch clients with greater rapidity and realise the sales that you wish.


To analyze and to measure the impact of the strategy of contents

This is a good form to analyze the reach that is having the contents that you are incorporating in your strategies of marketing. Of this form you can verify how each user works who is acceding to your Web and how the process of purchase or subscription takes place. For it you must measure the route that the users do of your Web and where they spend more time or what sections wake up more interest.

If you measure the results of your actions you will be able to make decisions on the most important changes that you must approach to improve your strategy.


It establishes your objective

There is a great amount of objectives that you can consider to reach with your strategies of marketing online. You must concentrate in one of them following which you look for mainly.

Your strategy of marketing of contents can be focused to generate greater amount of people in your community, to increase the sales, to generate image name brand, etc.


It selects the contents well that you offer

You must remember very what you want to obtain with your clients. It approaches subjects that are of interest for the community in which present your products. Also you must analyze and know clearly what is what your clients look for and to present to them what they want, this way will have a more effective communication with them, and will be able to generate better sales.


It incorporates diversity of formats

To present the contents in format text in your page is not only sufficient to guarantee that a client buys. You must look for other routes to offer the information to the users as it can be the content multimedia, in audio, video or combined format. If you use always the same format you will bore to the readers, you must be spontaneous. The best thing than you can do is to leave your zone of comfort and to find out other ways to arrive at your reader.


Diffusion of your contents

To raise the content the Web that is not sufficient to arrive at an ample public. In the marketing of contents you must use any means that are to your reach to spread the information. The most habitual means to arrive at your users are by means of the social networks. The social networks usually receive many visits and if in addition you offer up-to-date content to them and of interest they will be able to generate you more visits to your Web.

You can derive to the users from your social networks to your page if the information is the correct one. It is important that you have your social networks also focused in the same niche.

Characteristic What must fulfill the contents of your Web?

Once you have planned your Web and your strategy of marketing of contents you must consider several aspects in relation to the content that you publish in your Web.


Analysis of key words

The first step to design your contents and knowledge exceeds what subjects you must speak in your Web is to realise an analysis of key words. This analysis of key words supposes to identify that words are those that you must use to position your Web. For it you must analyze the competition and know what terms search in relation to your activity are used in google.


Publication plan

When you have well identified your key words you will be able to make a planning of publications. In this schedule you will have to select the thematic ones of your publications, the frequency with which you will make publications of contents in your Web or lies down online and the approach of your publications.

This plan must be oriented with your objectives of marketing, so that selections thematic of each article and level of depth with which you will deal the subjects.


Tone and approach of your contents

The different contents that you have designed to publish in your Web you must orient them to your objectives. If what you want it is to increase the sales it is possible that you decide to give to the content a more commercial tone and of sale. If what you look for it is to offer content to obtain a greater number of subscribers is possible that you must offer a content more technician and oriented to offer complete information on the subjects that you approach. Therefore, to decide the tone that you will use and the approach that you will give your contents is very important for your strategies of marketing.

Importance of a strategy of marketing of contents for a store online.

In the case of e-commerce or the paper lies down online that has the marketing of contents is very important. This is thus because the main activity of a store online is to sell products or services through Internet.

In addition, it is necessary to consider that is a great amount of supply of stores online that also offer their products by this means. These businesses online have been time developing contained to attract the users.

For this reason, to develop a specific strategy of marketing of contents for a store online is fundamental. In this surroundings you must try to offer interesting information related to your product, whereas clause that the only meeting points between your company and the consumers will be your social webpage and your networks.

Some advice who you must follow so that your business online is successful are:



In order to have a store online and to develop a gross activity online motivation is needed. This implies that you must center your efforts in the sale of products or services that really you know and you know how you must offer it.

To begin an activity online in a niche in which it does not have knowledge nor experience will be one of the important factors the more that they will lead to the failure of the activity.


To be persevering

It is important to insist with the strategy of marketing of contents. If something is necessary to consider with the marketing of contents is that the results of the actions that you start up not will be seen of fast form or in the short term.

In fact, you will have to hope a minimum period of 6 months to begin to see the first results as a result of your strategy of marketing of contents. This is especially important in the case of the businesses in Internet.


Always update to you

In a business online it is fundamental to stay to the day of the last tendencies and, mainly, to the day of the main new features that take place as a result of the technological development.

As far as our strategy of marketing of contents it is important to know clearly that the information on the internet circulates of very fast form and this does that the niches in which we also move evolve, is possible that you must update to you as far as tendencies and the form constantly to focus your strategy of marketing of contents.

These are some of the advice more outstanding than we can contribute to you, but always it is important to support to you in professionals of this scope if you do not have of means or the necessary knowledge to it.
What is the Marketing of Contents?
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What is the Marketing of Contents?
The marketing of contents is very important at the time of realising a strategy of Marketing Online for any website.
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