Surely for you WhatsApp is a word that you use daily, since she is one of apps more popular throughout the world, characterized by the facility to connect to us through messages free of charge written, of voice, videollamadas, to share all class of archives and to even publish histories of your day to day.

But the use of WhatsApp does not finish there, because in addition many to their users come making use of this incredible tool from communication to make businesses. The developers of app have realized potential immense in the commercial scope and have I decide to extend the capacity of their product to help their users to communicate with the clients and power to increase their sales.

In order to take care of the needs of a as important sector as the economic one, this tool was designed that comes to satisfy to many users in the world with special needs. Now they count on a tool that comes to give answers them, is WhatsApp Business and in this post we will tell you how it works and which are the benefits that bring for your company.

What is does WhatsApp Business and why serve?

We begin saying that WhatsApp Business is an application that allows the small and great companies the power to connect itself with its clients of fast and efficient form.

If you have a smartphone and connection to Internet, then you are ready to use WhatsApp Business. Since one is an exclusively thought application to make marketing, forget you the limitations that the conventional version at the time of making businesses represents for you, and prepare you to give professional use to this powerful tool.

One of the majors benefits that offer WhatsApp Business is the tools of automatization to give auto answers to your clients, which is translated in that you will be able to save time and in addition to give an immediate answer them.

In fact, the functions of chatbot of the version business of WhatsApp is provided of three types of auto answers, that are:

Functions of chatbot of Whatsapp Business


Answer of absence

It allows to respond you automatically with a text message whenever you are absent, being able to prestablecer some short phrases that will receive your clients so soon try to communicate with your enterprise number.


Message of greeting

With this tool you will be able to greet of automated form your clients when they send his first message to you.


Fast answers

This option is used to create direct access to the messages that are sent frequently, facilitating to give fast answer to you to the commentaries of your clients.

You will be able to avoid the troublesome thing that can turn out for you having to write up at the moment a long answer, as, for example, which are the services that quick? , since this information you will have it previously written up and will be readily accessible so that you can send it very instantaneously.

This it is a positive factor that it will avoid that a potential client loses the patience awaiting an answer.

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Have to use WhatsApp would business to communicate to you with my clients?

Before this question the answer is a forceful one yes, since WhatsApp Business is one app designed to cover all the needs with communication with your clients. Sample of it is tool of shipment of messages massive or group, working differently to WhatsApp conventional, since who receive your message will not be able to see the list of contacts to which you have sent the same communication, will thus feel as a much more personal treatment.

An aspect to consider in the function of the massive messages is that it has a limit of 256 contacts by each shipment, reason by which you will have to repeat the operation in case you have in your list a number superior of contacts.

Definitively the WhatsApp Business has arrived to make simpler the communication and especially the pick up of new potential clients. To it you have the tool of short connection, by means of which you will be able to copy that link and to send it to your contacts so that they can be included easily in your list of contacts and to regularly receive all the messages that you send to inform simply in relation to the new features or as reminder of diverse products and services that you offer.

Benefits to use Whatsapp Business with your clients

The benefits to use WhatsApp Business with your clients are many, among them allows to separate to each based on their category, through their function of labels, for example, frequent clients, potential clients, suppliers, among others. The creation of the labels will depend on your specific needs to facilitate the shipment of massive messages.

The possibility of creating an enterprise profile is one of the great advantages and existing differences between WhatsApp Business and the conventional version, since it allows you to realise a description ampler than beams in your business and of facilitating the establishment of contact with your clients who observed your telephone number, location and other data.

Attention renders much to your photo of profile, since detail can to seem smaller, but it would surprise you to know how much process can to arrive to influence in of decision making of potential client, that will see reflected in that small image the level of confidence that can give your brand, by simple intuition.

Assure to you that your photo of profile reflects professionalism and seriousness, to be able to generate confidence. You must break the standards of the photos of the personal WhatsApp and be adapted to the needs that the commercial scope implies.  

Another characteristic of great importance of the version of businesses of WhatsApp is the handling of statistical data, that will allow to maintain a permanent evaluation you of the activities that you realise through app.

This information is very valuable, since it allows you to evaluate the amount of shipments of messages, as well as to know how many from your contacts they are receiving them and that in addition they read them and even how many of them they are responded.


The technology grows to huge steps every day and aims to facilitate not only the quality of life of the people, but to fortify means to make good businesses. WhatsApp Business it responds to those needs and it contributes all the tools to maintain an effective communication to you. and that you can see grow your influence and the income of your company or undertaking. 

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What is does WhatsApp Business and why serve? Have to use WhatsApp would business to communicate to you with my clients? Benefits to use Whatsapp Business with your clients
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