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Nikana design Web is born from the union of Nico and Ana, an expert in wordpress and developer of webpages along with the expanded experience of Ana in the marketing world and sales online for more than 17 years.

To work in which to one it likes, is the best work than one can have, our passion is shared and we have formed a company of design Web guaranteed by the illusion and love by our work.

What it differentiates to us from other companies, is that we are a near equipment, we know to listen and we will always give the best advising you on your business, your success will be also ours!

We will be enchanted to reunite to us with you, to invite you to a coffee, to listen to your needs and to comprise of your project professional Web.

To begin well from zero and, is the best planning and strategy to take to end your business.

Nico and Ana












Tell your idea us of business and be not worried you of the others, we will be in charge to create a unique and professional, agreed webpage to your corporative image and the needs of your business.



You do not leave to your design Web into the hands of anyone since your webpage will be your letter of presentation. We will begin with a sketch of your webpage of home and another one of an internal page of sample.



In the small details it is the difference. You do not doubt in saying to us as they are the changes to realise so that your website is to your agreed taste and to the needs of your company.



Once we have already finalized all the changes for your website, we will pass to the phase final production! it is already less to have your business online and of gaining visibility!

what our clients say

SK Productions
To have contracted the services of Nikana, has been a satisfactory experience at all the levels. Nikana to fulfilled fully our expectations.

Very we are thankful with Nikana to have implied and to comprise of our company during the development of the webpage.

Estepona taekwondo

It has been a great success to count on the services of a company of design Web and marketing online as them. They have redesigned and adapted my website of very easy way. Very satisfied with its work and dedication. 100% recommendable one.

Excavations Apple tree

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