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The publicity is not what used to be and branded content it is the proof of it. Whereas some are suspended insisting on supersaturating to their clients with the invasive publicity, the best companies have left them back, thanks to this slighter and subtle proposal.

And it is that the publicity is not other people's to the social changes, on the contrary, must be kind to them to know how what direction to take. The today clients no longer are the same that they stimulated themselves everywhere seeing a brand. The public is much more demanding, not only they want to know what you sell to him but who is the salesman.

The concept of branded content he is not complex, in fact, is very simple, because that is its premise. One is a strategy in which is tried to make publicity of a so subtle way, that as soon as is distinguished that this is its purpose.

It arises as an answer to the necessity from the public and can be defined as a marketing technique, by means of which quality content is created, prioritizing the experience of the user. The center of this strategy is not to offer a service or to sell a product, but to create a bond with the public. Between their objectives, the following can stand out:


To generate notoriety of the brand

branded focuses in the brand, not in the product. It is for this reason, that the content creation is oriented to hit in the public, so that all speak to envelope she. This will be reflected in the number of mentions and times that the content is shared.


To stimulate emotions

the main approach of the content of this strategy is to create a bond. The arguments that are used are not rational, but they try to create expectations and to stimulate reactions and sensations.


To create community

the content must motivate to the hearing to interact to each other and with the company. Nevertheless, the challenge will be to obtain that this participation takes place of natural way.


To position the brand

although branded is focused in the experience of the client, the main objective cannot be lost of view: to increase the popularity of the brand. This must be the premise that orients to all the strategies that consider.

These characteristics do of branded content a fresh, nice proposal to the hearing, that will not be rejected if it is known to execute. For that reason, as all strategy of marketing, it must be put in practice by professionals.  

Why to implement branded content?

To do branded content it is not to dedicate itself to the traditional publicity, this is his greater strength. At present too much publicity exists that not only chokes to the hearing for being much, but because she is too aggressive. To the present client it likes to feel that it has the control of his decisions, therefore, it rejects the announcements that tell him what to do and what it marks to choose. To understand this reality is the greater success of the geniuses that have created this proposal.

On the other hand, the entertainment is a value that acquires major importance in the market and the people receive better the proposals than they stimulate them to amuse themselves and to undergo new sensations.

The fact that branded content it combines these elements, makes of her a proposal that cannot lack in your strategies of marketing online. The most important companies of the world apply it and an example of it is Red Bull, Victoria's Secrets and Coca Cola. These companies are world-wide references of the success of this technique and example for the medians and small businesses that also inhale the expansion.

But branded not only offers direct benefits, in addition it offers very interesting indirect advantages. One of them is that he is compatible with other strategies, so that when applying you will not have it to reorient your objectives if it is not necessary. In fact, it is so versatile that it serves to harness the reach of other techniques.

Also, it is a strategy that allows you to deepen in the knowledge of your public. Thanks to the influence that sensorial marketing has in the essence of branded content, your campaigns will allow you to go beyond which the hearing shows of itself. This additional information on the tastes and sensitivities of your public will be to you very useful in the implementation of other strategies.  

branded content it is the tool that will allow you to satisfy the exigencies with your public effectively. To include enters it your strategies of marketing is a necessity. Without this technique, your business will remain back, seeing how other companies attract more clients and manage fidelizar them.

It remembers that the investment in marketing online is a decision that always is rephelp fully. Contract to a specialistic company in the matter and mant©n to your business updated with the proposals that mark rules.

Branded Content
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Branded Content
The publicity is not what used to be and branded content is the proof of it. The public is much more demanding, not only they want to know what you sell to him but who is the salesman.
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