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What is a Hosting or Web Hosting?

If you are going to design a page or portal Web you must consider that you will need lodging Web or hosting, that is the space where the data will keep so that the content including in the website can be seen. Hosting will allow you to lodge all that with audio images, texts, videos and that will be kept in the memory of the computer and you will be able to consult it in the cloud.

4 Why to avoid hosting gratuitous?

5 Benefits that hosting provides good

Types of Hosting


Shared shared Hosting or

The lodging Web is shared with other users, the data remain prot©g©s, reason why nobody will be able to accede. It is economic because the expenses are distributed between those who use the site.


Elastic Site or Elastic Hosting

It uses the resources of a single lodging Web for each user. It has the qualities of the shared one.


Cloud Hosting

It has major storage capacity, includes major amount of resources. He is one of most trustworthy, because if it stops working one of the networks of the physical servant, works from the cloud.


Dedicated Hosting

He is a little more expensive than the previous one, because much by the companies is used and use a single lodging Web, with all the resources available, memory, hard disk and any text processor.


Deprived Virtual servant (VPS)

It is one more of the used lodgings Web, because they can or not be administered by the supplier. You have the possibility of updating it without having the most advanced knowledge in this type of technology.

Why needed good is hosting?

If you want that the page that you design fast loading and you are easy to locate requires of a good lodging Web that guarantees its availability the 24 hours of the day. The company supplier will have servers of high performance and multiple applications, with good bandwidth.

In addition, they have simple Control Panels so that the administrator can manage the archives, accounts of mail, backup copies of comfortable and fast form. At the same time, some anti-virus or firewalls within their plans on watch of lodging guarantees the security of the data when including Web.

Where to contract and as choosing best hosting?

Arrived at this point it is clear that a good supplier of lodging Web is fundamental so that your webpage works correctly and of stable form. Nowadays many suppliers of hosting exist in the market, but you must select the one that better embroider in your needs and more reliability gives you. For it you must consider the following aspects:


In order to select to the supplier of the best lodging Web you must consider that it assures the operation the 24 hours the day the 365 days of the year. Therefore the dedicated companies to provide offer it a series of plans with monthly or annual cancellation that allow the user to have domains (.com, .es, .gob) or DNS (Systems of Names of Domains).


You must look for that it offers plans to you chords to which you need to develop a project online. You must look for the one that offers one better speed to you of load, diverse types of hosting with several packages with major or minor amount of GB of space to accelerate the data transfer.


It is important that the Central processing units (CPU) are of quality and that offers the best managers of contents. You must consider the CMS in which is elaborated your Web since following what is you can have some different needs of hosting. If your Web is in WordPrees will interest a company to you that offers hosting specialized for wordpress.

Hosting for WordPress allows that the administration of the blog or pages works much more fast and with greater power, because they can get to use up to 8 CPU. They offer an amount of plugins that allows to personalize the websites and to create backup copies of the data loaded in the page.

Applications under formats FTP FTPS/SFTP can be used, you will be able to program hosting with open source PHP, HTML or CSS, with the use of filters and codes. Hosting WordPress also facilitates the lodging Web with the Cloud Hosting, that offers versions in several languages.

Why to avoid hosting gratuitous?

To use gratuitous lodgings Web for your websites facilitates that people who with little experience in the development Web can be developed in the programming and design of sites online. Nevertheless, it is not a very recommendable option if you want to have a stability in the development of your website.

This type of hosting has some characteristics, some are advantages and others are disadvantages:


The costs are lowered the price of because you do not have to pay so that a company provides hosting to you, but nevertheless these hosting do not include files.


Your Web can disappear at any time of the finder, because the servant does not have owner and can use the information without asking. In many occasions programming PHP or ASP cannot be used, nor forms dynamic.


The security of the data that you have raised is minimum and the always loaded information incorporates publicity, from which you will not receive benefits.


Bandwidth has little and admits little weight, lacks a Control Panel.


They lack technical support and they are little trustworthy.

Benefits that hosting provides good

In contrast to hosting free to contract good hosting implies a series of advantages for the company and the Web that are those that we enumerated next:


It guarantees a lodging Web with files and ample possibility of having several email addresses and domains with his name.


The lodgings Web in the cloud (hosting Web) allow that the user can create blogs, stores online, video-forums, among others with hosting WordPress that facilitate the processing of the data.


This type of hosting offers major storage space and will be able to accede to all the data kept from the folder that created in its equipment.


They offer more credibility, confidence, professionalisation and major maintenance in the servers.
What is a Hosting?
In order to create and to design your own page it is necessary to have a lodging Web that has a good manager of contents as WordPress and allows dynamic applications, that improve the programmings in PHP, CCS, HTML, among others. In addition, their suppliers offer to the usuary security in the data, administration and management according to the type of hosting.
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What is a Hosting?
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