The success of wordpress obeys to a great extent to that it has completely facilitated the process of elaboration of a website, since you do not need to know how to program to do it and in addition automatically it will be adapted to work in any type of device.

Plugins is a tool that complement¡n the functions of WordPress, allowing you to cover all the requirements with your project Web, thanks to the innumerable functions that each contributes.

What is plugin?

Generally I finish plugin talks about to an extension or complement that allows to extend the functions of a software. Of this same way it happens with plugins wordpress, which extend the functionality of this powerful tool for the elaboration of webpages.

From the point of view technician we can more define to plugins as fragments of codes of programming developed in languages Javascript or PHP, which contribute to major amount of functions to your WordPress to construct your website as always you dreamed it.

The original nucleus of Worpress is designed to be light and quite simple, therefore, he is not provided of all the tools that we could get to need to create a website. It is for that reason that exists plugins, since they are specific functions that you can add on the basis of your needs.

He is really impressive the existing amount, variety and quality of plugins at present to create webpages of all type, simple and gratuitous form. In fact, plugins has been an element of weight to make of WordPress the favorite platform in the world of the development Web.

Why they serve plugins?

Plugins in WordPress serves to add new functions, since originally this it was created to only elaborate blogs. Nevertheless, its full success took to that versions were programmed that allowed to include a larger number of options.

Plugins WordPress is so powerful, that they have been the reason in many cases so that many developers Web decide to migrate from other platforms, to be able to improve his sites doing use of these so diverse and functional accessories that they only can be used under this surroundings.

What types of plugins wordpress exist?

If for example you want to create a store online or a forum, then you will have search between more than 50 thousands plugins available in wordpress, thus it is necessary a guide to know them better and to understand his operation.

 Next, we are going to only mention main some of plugins wordpress more used. We remember that the catalogue available is practically limitless and therefore would be to us impossible to mention them to all.

Main plugins wordpress



Plugins for the SEO

In this category we can recommend the Yoast SEO, which allows us to facilitate the referring thing to the writing of contents in order to improve the SEO On Page of your Web.


Plugin to detect broken connections

For this task we recommended the Broken Checker Link, plugin for WordPress that is provided of a system of I scan automatic which it will avoid that your site has broken connections with nonexistent content.

This plugin will detect those broken connections automatically and it will notify to solve them to you immediately.


Plugin of speed of load

The experience of your users depends largely on the speed of load, for that reason plugin exists very used to take care of this matter. One is the WP Rocket, which will help you to recudir the time of load to the maximum.


Plugin de Optimizaci³n

If you want to avoid that your data base is soiled with unnecessary data, he is recommendable to install plugin of optimization, as for example the WP Optimize. This account with a powerful tool of automatic cleaning.


Plugin for the handling of social networks

In order to obtain a greater traffic in your website it is fundamental to take advantage of kindness the social networks, for it exists plugin Monarch, that counts on valuable tools for this task, facilitating the integration of the Web with your social networks.


Plugin for commentaries

In order to manage the system of commentaries in WordPress, plugin exists very used. Its title is OF: Comments, and is the favorite of many, since it facilitates the interaction of the users, thus increasing its participation within your website.


Plugin everything in one

Also they exist plugins wordpress thought about solving more of a problem simultaneously, as for example Boom, which includes more than 100 groups, in addition to 6 types of forms, statistical activation methods and information.

I recommend to you that you read the article on


From where I have to unload plugins?

Diverse sources exist to unload plugins of WordPress, nevertheless, is a section in their official site, denominated as repositorio official of, where you will be able to accede to an amazing amount of these accessories, having the tranquillity to unload them from a reliable Web.

It is important that you understand that any person or company with the necessary knowledge in the matter of programming, can develop this type of plugins wordpress. Therefore, the sources are very varied and you can get to find with sites unknown that they distribute to malicious virus or codes to you, under the deceit to offer plugins free Premium.

Some magazines and blogs of very good reputation exist in line, specialized in the WordPress subject, where plugins is possible to unload of gratuitous way many and in addition to maintain to us updated as far as the new features that in this matter are arising every day.

In some cases, for very specific functions, you can buy plugins that you need to suppliers Premium that develop these accessories, but under the modality of payment. Between the most recognized they are: Woothemes, Codecanyon and Elegant Themes.

Three basic forms exist to install plugins WordPress:


Using repositorio of WordPress, of very simple form, you will have to go to the Plugins section and only to click in adding one new one.


When you buy plugin Premium, you will have to follow the same mentioned route previously, but with the variant to have to press the button €˜To raise plugin€™.


Finally, you can install your plugin by FTP. For it, you will have to make use of a FTP manager, as for example Filezilla, to lodge plugin wordpress in the servant.

Plugins WordPress
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