WordPress. The used CMS but in Internet

Nowadays the use of Internet has opened an ample fan of possibilities to consolidate projects destined to the purchase and sale of products online, as well as it has allowed to spaces and platforms specialized in certain sectors. Every day more companies have presence in Internet and look for a hollow to be found by the potential clients.

Nevertheless, the only form to obtain that the clients arrive at our products and services is by means of a webpage. To count on a webpage is an opportunity to make get the information that really we love our clients. Thanks to the Web you can create content of quality and oriented to promote your products or services.

Don't mention it serves to have very a well designed webpage if it is not possible to find it in Internet easily. For this reason, the design of webpages always must go accompanied of a positioning strategy online. This means that we must develop oriented actions to obtain that our webpage appears in the first results search of the main finders.

The positioning of a webpage is very important because it will be determining so that the page is found by the clients. The webpage is the main showcase of the company to show your proposal. One of the elements that will call the attention of our showcase will be the keyword, that is to say, this term or combination of words that are associated of direct way with your activity.

For example, if a user looks for design Web Malaga in the results search will appear our webpage if we have realised a good strategy of positioning and if we have selected suitably the keyword that he identifies to us and he positions.

As much the creation as the design of webpages is processes that require the hiring of a team of experts able to give attractive form to any digital project that we have considered. A design company Web will have the experience and the knowledge sufficient to take to end the best strategy of positioning and the best design Web.

One of the first questions that you must raise to you at the time of designing your webpage is which is the best surroundings in the one than you can develop it. Although many possibilities exist to design your Web, one of the managers of contents that better results offer and that better work at the time of establishing a positioning strategy is WordPress.

In the following lines we told you what is wordpress and which are their main advantages and operation.

WordPress is a system of management of contents, also known as CMS, through what it is possible to create original webpages, effective, professional and with a design responsive. That is to say, one is a manager who allows us to design and to consolidate websites with diverse purposes, according to the raised goals.

The WordPress system facilitates the process of constant update of the webpages. In addition, in those platforms in which information is published frequently, the system is organizing the contents chronological, with the aim of which the user finds the first last updates or the most recent contents.

WordPress is suitable surroundings for the people who are home in the handling of a webpage for the first time, since she is quite simple to use and she does not require of a high technical knowledge in this matter.

This system contains a series of plugins quite friendly, that is to say, counts on tools that facilitate the use of applications that are related to each other to establish new functions within a webpage. This causes that the capacities of WordPress extend everything what we wished, providing greater flexibility to the webpage.

Why to use WordPress?

The reasons for which nowadays the WordPress system is used to elaborate the majority of the webpages are several. Among them we can indicate:


One is a tool very simple and easy to use. Although to be able to remove all the maximum party to him it is better than you know to handle the different subjects from professional form, and to have experts in the matter.


With WordPress it is possible to publish articles in blog format, to organize articles according to the labels or categories, as well as to give the option to the users to make commentaries in each entrance.


It allows to create blogs, corporative Webs, stores online, digital, central newspapers of reserves, among others.


In this system they also are possible to be incorporated widgets in the platform, as listing of commentaries, categories, of labels, the read articles more, a finder, among others.


In this system they also are possible to be incorporated widgets in the platform, as listing of commentaries, categories, of labels, the read articles more, a finder, among others.

This tool allows to organize the contents through the creation of different segments and sections; plugins even facilitates the incorporation of several to add more functions to the page, such as directory, contact and forums.

How work does WordPress?

The creation of webpages and blogs in WordPress becomes of a easy and simple form. Everything is carried out from the Control Panel of the Web, once manager in hosting has settled.

Once you accede to the panel you will see a menu in the left margin in which you find all the options to personalize the page. In the right margin you can see the information of the Web related to the version of WordPress, the commentaries of users and the updates that are necessary.

The main sections that you will find in your panel of administrator will be those that we indicated to you next.



The writing-desk of WordPress is surroundings with which the program offers all the information to you that considers of interest for you. It will be generally first that you see when you accede to WordPress, will be a summary of the entrances and last publications that have become in the site, as well as updates, commentaries or events.



The entrances talk about to the post or articles of the platform that is chronological. Here you can order all the contents of the page. By defect when home with WordPress you will see a sample content, that you must erase once you begin the organization of texts.

The entrances are added through button €œTo add New€. There a text editor will open itself in which you must specify the title and the body of the post. In case the text has subtitles must is added itself as title 1, title 2 and so on.

If you wish to add images also you can do it. You must have images that fulfill with the necessary requirements so that they rise well and quality. The one chooses that you wish to add and you do click in the button €œTo insert at the entrance€.

The ascent of videos is also simple although you must know how how to do it. Most recommendable it is to raise it a site of videos as Youtube, soon copies and you stick the connection in the body of the post.

In order to add connections as complement to the information that we are raising, is necessary to select the text to connect and to make click in the icon of the paper clip located in the bar of tools. There you must copy the connection.

The entrances you must organize them by categories so that the users find the organized information. It tries not to exaggerate with the amount of categories that you create.

One of the recommendations that do the experts is to assign a headed image of cover or to each entrance, with the purpose of making more attractive the post.



Another section that you will find easily in your panel of administration is information on the updates that you have available in WordPress. Here you will be able to update to a new version your website, despite it is important that before making this task you inform on the last disponisbles updates and the improvements well to you that incorporate.

Sometimes it can happen that there are certain improvements that are very interesting or that some update can affect to some configuration of your site. In this case it is important to have experts in this surroundings so that they can advise you in this task.



In this section you can manage all the elements easily multimedia of your website. You must try to optimize all possible your site and not to overload it of weight, for that reason it is important that the images or videos that you raise do not weigh much.



The pages in WordPress are different from the entrances because they are the content of the rest of sections of your page. In these pages you will include the information of your landing, your home, contact, that we are, etc.

The configuration that you do of your website will depend to a great extent on how I mount the pages and of the design and structure that him DES. This task although seems simple in the panel has its complication and is important a design company Web can help you with this task.


Wordpress themes

Themes of WordPress is the groups with which we can personalize the webpage. They can unload in repositorios of another site, payment or officials. Also it is possible to elaborate them whenever data bases MySQL PHP are controlled to the language and.

In WordPress many subjects that you can use based on the type of webpage which you want to create, the problem is that exist you will need a greater knowledge WordPress to be able to use these subjects correctly, to install them and to form them. Following the subjects they can have certain difficulty at the time of putting them in operation and structuring them correctly so that your page is positioned well in Google.


WordPress Plugins

Plugins of WordPress is applications that are gotten up to a webpage, with the aim of increasing their functionality. They are those tools that facilitate the existence of some elements that allow to provide more information to the user.

For example, in a page of sales plugin WooCommerce is used, that allows the incorporation of elements as the forms of payment, the cost of the shipment and the cart of purchases. This avoids to have to resort to a platform that specializes in electronic commerce, since in WordPress you can use any almost plugins that you imagine.

Advantages of WordPress

One of the great advantages that it has the CMS WordPress is the fact that it provides the freedom to create the website that we wished totally free.

It is a system that facilitates the permanent update of the contents, being very beneficial for the implementation of the diverse strategies of the SEO.

It allows the personalisation of the contents and the design of the website.

WordPress is very easy and friendly at the time of using it, since it is not necessary to be an expert in programming to obtain an attractive and nice design for the users. You do not depend on a Webmaster, but you must have some basic knowledge so that everything goes on wheels.

It provides the freedom to add and to modify the content to you of the Web when you wish it. You can change the servant to whom it belongs or even sell the website to obtain a benefit.

Thanks to the amount of plugins that contains, WordPress allows the creation of blogs, corporative webpages, webpages for events, sites for the purchase and sale of products in line, digital magazines, mass media, among others platforms that are in a process of growth and permanent update.

Another one of the great advantages of WordPress is that it allows the elaboration of a design responsive to the 100%, this means that it facilitates the creation of websites that can be opened and it is possible to be sailed easily in them from a PC, a Tablet or a Smartphone without altering the content of the page. This also allows to fulfill the norm of Google in this sense.

Independent of the type of activity that you develop and of which they are your main objectives at the time of raising to you as creating a webpage, WordPress it offers an integral solution and very adapted for any type of project. One is surroundings thought for any person who does not have knowledge of programming and design Web since she can be used easily. In addition, he is a manager of contents who works very well for search engine optimization, because preparation comes to offer good results in the searches.

What is WordPress?
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What is WordPress?
WordPress is the used CMS more for the creation of websites of the world. WordPress sera your better ally when home your estategia of visibility Web.
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