The social networks have completely changed the way to communicate to us, to inform and in addition to presenting to us products or services, but they have even been able to influence in the way how we can show our professional profile and be seen by million people in the world, extending well-known the possibilities of being contracted from any part of the world, thanks to Internet.

Back they were the old recommendations that we received from our parents as far as how to go out in work search, because no longer one is a beautiful folder with a printed curricular synthesis, since luckily the technology has revolutionized completely the form to make the things.

From year 2003 it comes to the light a social network that has changed drastically for good the possibilities of the professionals in search of vacancies and of the companies that wish to catch human resources, doing simpler and beneficial this task. We talked about to the famous social network professional Linkedin.

What is Linkedin?

Linkedin is a social network that, as the rest of them, it has as objective to connect the people to each other, keeping other similarities as the wall, to publish photographies and videos, as well as to send requests of pursuit to other users and to communicate with them by means of direct messages.

Nevertheless, in spite of its great similarity to the rest of social networks, the sector to which goes directed is very specific, since it aims towards the professional market.

To use the services of Linkedin is really simple, since it works of form very similar to other social networks, thus already you will be familiarized at the time of acceding to its platform. It is enough with creating an account with a user and a password, soon to raise a photo and to create your professional profile or what is equal, your curriculum or CB online, and you will be ready to initiate the search of the dreamed work.

Linkedin also has an option directed to the companies that work similarly to fanpages of the social network Facebook, where of very simple way fills to the corporative profile and the vacancies which they have available, as well as allows to publish new features and any other information so that the professional world knows you.

Through Linkedin the possibility to the professionals of any country and language is facilitated, the task of finding clients, suppliers and of looking for use. But in addition it serves to the companies so that they can recruit personnel for the development of projects and/or to promote a vacancy, among others many possibilities that offer.

One of its great attractiveness is that you can know when your professional profile has visits of interested potentials, since Linkedin allows to know you who have explored your publication.

The main objective of Linkedin is what is called to foment professional connections, which are classified in degrees and that can be used search work and opportunities of businesses based on recommendations of some connection. Also it is possible to establish connections of second degree to find labor opportunities of business and/or, in addition it makes possible the creation of groups for users with interests common.

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Who use Linkedin?

Linkedin goes directed to all the professional universe and enterprise, thus its platform offers options directed to each necessity. Although more popular the most well-known function and in fact of Linkedin is to make possible freelance professionals and, finding work, also exists great possibilities for the enterprise sector.

This social network is used by the departments of human resources of great and small companies to recruit personnel. Also Linkedin is equipped with a powerful oriented product to harness enterprise campaigns of marketing and, in case it was little, it offers his Sell Solutions, destined to the sales and to facilitate the location of suppliers for your business.

In the scope of the search of labor vacancies, it is a very powerful tool used by freelance professionals, entrepreneurs and worldwide, who, through the publication of their profile, can present publicly their labor experience, level of education and its means of contact.

In order to remove the maximum benefit to Linkedin it is necessary to take itself all along possible to complete your professional profile, taking care of each detail and contributing all the data, including a good professional photography, with the aim of waking up the interest of potential employers.

Why have to use would Linkedin?

Between the positive aspects of Linkedin it is the fact that its function is not simply the one to connect you to other users, but also that helps you to fortify your professional relations, when notifying to you on his birthdays, labor changes of jobs, anniversaries, among others things.

So what as you would make with the calls horizontal social networks, in which the intention goes more related towards the leisure and the entertainment, through Linkedin you will be able to follow the pages of companies, not to lose details as far as its updates of labor vacancies available and to be of first in finding out to you and postulating to you.

If we considered the number of companies that make use of Linkedin, we can notice the immense potential that represents for a professional the possibility of obtaining a vacancy, since the number is placed anywhere in the world over the 9 million companies and with more than 11 million supplied jobs through this powerful social network.


Linkedin it is a great tool search use or to recruit people for your business. It allows you to be contact with your favorite brands and it maintains to you informed into first hand of the professional tendencies that offers the global market.

Linkedin of today it goes much more there of his original objective when it took his first steps in the 2003, since not only it is dedicated to facilitate the use search, but it has been transformed into a platform to make businesses, where all the conditions are given to interact with companies and entrepreneurs, and of presenting the world projects and ideas with great potential.

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