In the world of the businesses it is necessary to be always abreast of the new features that the technological development brings, since in addition to the diverse strategies of marketing which you use to catch clients and to emphasize between the competition, tools exist that will allow to take a step you forwards to gain the preference of the consumers.

Google is the consulted web search engine more in the world, and their statistics indicate that daily they realise 5 billions of searches, of which a third of them has local intentions, that is to say, almost 1700 million searches to the day.

It means that every time they are plus the users who resort to Google to locate to a restaurant or a lodging near their location. This number demonstrates the importance of the georeference. Clearly it is an aspect that as enterprising or businessman you must know and be useful.

It is possible to emphasize that today it is much more probable that a person asks to him Google for a location in her own city, that to ask a friend or relative to him of meat and bones a direction of the specific premises.

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What is Google My Business?

The importance of the search of local commerces through Internet has taken to the sprouting of the tool Google My Business, a gratuitous service that allows you to visibilizar local businesses in the used web search engine more of all the cyberspace.

When creating and updating an account in Google My Business it is possible to cause that your local commerce attracts new clients free, showing your profile of businesses, which will appear outstanding at the time of that a user realises the search of a business related to your sector of commerce or services and your referential geo location.

Google My Business not only facilitates that potential clients know you, but also that optimizes the possibilities of increasing your conversions of sale through the geolocalizaci³n of the powerful Google Maps tool.

Why it serves Google My Business?

As we have already advanced to you, Google My Bussiness is the gratuitous solution to increase your presence in the Web, being positioned your brand and location in Google, guaranteeing so you can be located with greater facility and therefore increasing the conversion of clients at local level.

It is important to emphasize that traditionally the use of the diverse tools that offers Internet to harness the commercial activities, has been focused towards promoting the penetration of a globalised market. That is to say, to give to the small entrepreneurs the opportunity of being known to international level, thus selling its products or services to thousands kilometers of distance.

Nevertheless, Google My Business knows the potential that has the local market and gives to the possibility to the local stores and businesses in any corner of the planet, of being able to arrive at potential consumers who share a same location and to turn those transactions of fast form, since he facilitates its location and he invigorates the process.

How work does Google My Business?

So that you become a easy idea of the operation of Google My Business, it can be compared with other services of this type as Yelp or Foursquare, nevertheless, the tool designed by the Google giant has optimized the possibilities to assure one better experience and results to its users.

It works as a tool to as much facilitate the work of the buyer as of the salesman, since in the case of the local retailer it will be much more easy to occur to him to know before his clients. Whereas, for the consumers, the benefit is translated in being able to obtain satisfactory answers to its consultations, finding the best options at local level of fast form.

 Google My Bussiness thinks about replacing all the needs of the local market, for that reason it has developed a function that allows to facilitate the development of the website that needs your company, doing it of practical and simple form, with the positioning benefits that contribute its system of geolocalizaci³n.

If you ask yourself Why would my business have to be in Google My Business? the answer you can find it in the multiple benefits that you will obtain as far as positioning SEO and geolocalizaci³n. But, in addition, the confidence perception is added that represents for many users to see your business positioned in its motor preferred Web, somehow the prestige of Google will favor to your anonymous or small brand by but that is.

Even before having physical contact with the clients, you will be able to be connected directly with them, showing photographies of your business, to share opinions and to interact to approach you them and to more gain his confidence to turn the sales.

Perhaps for many the most important reason by which your business would have to be in Google My Business is the possibility of acceding to customized statistics, that will allow you to analyze the behavior of your publications, thus to maintain a constant process of revision and impulse of your business.

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Benefits to use Google My Business

Next, we emphasized 5 of the most important benefits of the use of this tool:


One of the benefits most important to create an account of Google My Business is that it will not represent a cost, since is gratuitous and in addition you will be able to place so many data of geographic location as you want.


Google My Bussiness provides very important analytical data to you. Its platform allows to review whichever times you have looked for to you, whichever users have requested your location in the map, views of reviews and generally a series of very useful information to measure the results and of improving them.


It includes the tool of Google Post, that allows to make fast notifications that you can use to show new features as far as services, promotions, launchings, among others.


Google My Bussiness has as advantage the publication of commentaries and qualifications, which serve to still more strengthen to the possible clients or buyers, serving to harness the local SEO.


You will have an important advantage against the competition when doing use of Google My Bussiness, since especially if your competitors do not have an account, you will be over them as far as the results of the search.


It favors enormously to those businesses that count on a fixed geographic location.

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