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What is a penalty of Google?

Briefly and in short a penalty of google is realised when the directives established by Google are not fulfilled. This I can cause that your Web disappears or lowers the positions in the searches by which you are rankeando.

It is important to be pending to being penalized by google, since not only we would not lose presence in the finder, but also that as a result of these penalties we would lose clients, future sales, among others consequences.

Why it penalizes google?

Google looks for of constant form to offer to the users the best results to them for the search that realise.

It is why their algorithms have directives that limit to us of how we must realise the things.

Google prioritizes all those Webs that give content of an original form and with naturalness.

Next, we will make a summary of the actions that cause these penalties, which you will have to avoid in your Web.



This is a technique of SEO Black Hat. It consists of showing different contents following that look it, if he is a user or a robot of google.


Duplicated content

This is a very habitual action. It consists of copying the text of a Web and inserting it in another one.


Hidden redirections

This technique consists of receiving a greater number of massive visits of a deceptive way. An example is to have a very powerful domain and to use it for re direccionarlo to the Web that interests to us that those visits enter.


Nonnatural and massive connections

As all know well, the connections help much to position, but any type of connection will not help us. It is why google penalizes to all those connections that for example do not agree with the thematic one of the Web or those connections that are acquired of a nonnatural form.


Keyword Stuffing

This type of penalty of google is very common, since many people who write with the intention to position a keyword enter it of massive form.

This saturation of the keyword, causes that the texts lose naturalness, therefore, one of the basic norms of Google is being failed to fulfill.

Levels of Penalties of Google

When google makes the decision to penalize a Web not always penalizes all the Web. Different levels from penalty exist.

Next, we showed as they are the different levels:


Concerning URL or directory


Delisting (exclusion of the index)


Concerning keyword


Concerning the name of Host (Subdominio)


Concerning all the domain; name of complete domain

Types of Penalties of Google

Two types of penalties exist, apart from which several reasons exist by which you can be penalized by the finder.

Penalties of Google Manuals

They are penalties that the publishers of google realise, which always giving are returned by the finder.

If the publisher of google enters a website where he sees that the directives are not fulfilled or thinks that he is against the directives, the same is the one who implements a form penalty to you manual.

These penalties have the advantage of which the penalty that has imposed to us in our Web will be notified with a message in Google Search Console informing into the type of penalty that has implemented to you or by content, I connect, Spam or other reasons.

In this message in addition to giving the reason you by which your website was penalized, it gives the form to solve this penalty Web you.

Algorithmic penalties of Google

These penalties of google are not realised by a publisher of Google, this means that they are not subjective.

The problem of this type of penalties of google, is that they are not warned, in comparison with the penalties manuals.

This can cause a great confusion for which they were penalized by google of algorithmic form, since we can interpret that reduction of positions that has our Web is due to a seasonal slope, or that the new design implemented in the Web does not have a good usability and it is causing that the users leave our website.

How to leave a penalty of google?

Solutions for penalties manuals

It is not easy to leave a penalty of google, because she is not complicated the technical solution, but the publisher in the end is the one who is going to decide if acquittal the penalty or no.

In order to solve the penalty manual of google, you will have to correct what the publisher of google thinks that goes against the directives of google, which appear you in the message that sent to Search console to you.

In addition, you will have to realise a reconciliation, that is to write to the publisher of Google being explained the work to him who you have realised to solve the problem.

A recommendation when writing to him to the publisher of google, is to write to him with respect and accepting that you have been mistaken realising those works in your Web, that stops they goes against the directives of google. And to stress to him that you will not return to realise this type of action.

Solutions for algorithmic penalties

When a Web is penalized of algorithmic form is more complex to detect, since nobody warns to us that we were penalized.

It is why to find the solution to this penalty of google we would have to realise many more investigations on the reason for the penalty.

Many tools exist that will help search us what was the cause of the algorithmic penalty of google.

These tools offer information us as, for example:


Time line of updates of algorithms of google

by which we can detect if just when an update of algorithm of google existed, and our Web had a reduction, we can interpret that it is due to that we are failing to fulfill the new directives that update establishes.


Connections of our Web

often we connected because we think that this is going to us to benefit, but exist forms to connect thus that they are not seen with good eyes by Google, if are detected will penalize to us. An example is the connections of exact press or keyword.



if you use Google analitycs and in the metric ones shows to us that a high rate exists by ricochet or that the time of the user is very low, we would have to interpret that the experience of the user is not good, in this case we would review the contents.


The penalties of Google are not trivialities, since not only exists the algorithm, but also Google has its publishers giving returned by the network trying to impose its rules.
What are the Penalties of Google?
It is for that reason, that is always recommended to carry out a work of positioning of the possible most natural form, since this way, surely you are going to position better and without penalties.
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What are the Penalties of Google?
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