3 How to guarantee the usability of the design Web?

Usability and Experience of the user

The evolution of the design Web has been influenced by the necessity to value the usability and experience of the user as central elements of the end item. All design is made in order to be appreciated, but in the scope Web, the functionality of this goes beyond the awaited visual impact and it is verified, in addition, in the usability that allows.

Of the previous thing, it is deduced that the usability is the characteristic of the design Web that allows the user to have a satisfactory experience when it uses it. It is a characteristic that it indicates how it is of easy the user to satisfy his needs in the Web.


Of what they consist the experience of the user and the interface of the user?

All the details that are used in the design to favor their usability, are made after investigate which are the most effective decisions. In order to guarantee that each factor contributes to it, the fundamental aspect is the experience of the user or UX. By means of him, it is guaranteed that the design is useful, simple and satisfies the interests with the person.

But also we spoke of the appreciation of the design as an excellent factor. In the scope Web, this aspect is guaranteed by means of the UI or user interface. This element, talks about to which the person visualizes and is susceptible to be evaluated aesthetically. One talks about to the set of elements that cause that the user feels attracted reason why sees.

In order to distinguish better of what they treat, we use as example to the movable application of UBER. In this case, the IU identifies in the icons and bellboys who help to interact with her. However, UX verifies in the rapidity and facility with which we can contract the service and the additional benefits that this contributes to us, as the suggestions of near restaurants.

In simpler terms, UX tries that the user can complete his tasks of logical form, simple and effective. The UI, on the other hand, assures that a true interaction exists between this and the website.

To take care of these factors (UX and UI) not only has to do with doing a good work, but really they are necessary to be able to optimize the SEO in the future. In fact, a relation of close dependency between these three factors exists.  Without the SEO you will not attract traffic the Web and if you do not optimize the experience and interface of the user, you will not obtain the conversion of the visitors.

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How to guarantee the usability of the design Web?

In order to determine if the design of a webpage really responds to the usability exigencies, it is fundamental that the designer puts himself in the place of the user. He is the adressee of the design and therefore, the opinion that interests more is hers. For that reason, before, during and after to have realised a proposal, is recommendable to do some questions to us with respect to the experience that we are going to try to him.

Thus, for example, it is important that you wonder yourself if the design is simple and clean or if the most excellent elements are easy to locate. You must try that the text is legible, that the page loaded quickly and that the connections are identified easily. In summary, you must verify that each element is in its more optimal place.

In addition to the opinion of the designer, it is important to know the perspective the user. For it, he is recommendable to select to a small group of people, to give the opportunity them to prove the end item and to observe how they interact with the design. Once concluded the test, it evaluates your results and it applies to your project all to improve that you can do based on the usability.
Usability and Experience of the user
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Usability and Experience of the user
What is How to guarantee the changeableness of the design Web? Of which it consists the Usability and Experience of the user? How to guarantee the usability of the design Web?
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