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The search by voice is that great assets that many ignore to think that it will not generate benefits to them. As you know, the search in Google by means of written text is not the unique one in which we can solve our doubts.

This is the classic form in that we used the finder, especially from the computer. But when we are using our smartphone, often we decided on the option that greater comfort offers us and this is the search by voice. To ignore this fact is to lose a valuable opportunity of positioning.  For that reason, most ingenious they include it within the elements that comprise of their strategies.

Why he is recommendable to optimize it search by voice?

The percentage search by voice follows in increase and this is thanks to the systems incorporated to the smartphones. Also, this increase responds to the weakness of the users by the comfort and the immediacy. The public always will incline by the most comfortable alternative. This attribute is often more important that the quality and this denote the great value that we must give when planning our strategies. 

We only can find to the user in those places where it interacts. Therefore, if the implement of the search by voice is made more and more popular, the logical thing is that we are there for offering to him what needs. 

Certainly one is a recent proposal, that as soon as it is taking form and on that still is doubts to solve. Nevertheless, the tendency of the use of the search by voice follows in rise and we cannot be stayed as spectators, whereas the competition already is making presence in this surroundings.

So the recommendation is: You do not remain outside! Sum this strategy to which already you are implementing. By all means, do it under the direction of a marketing company that can indicate you what it agrees more to your business.

How to implement SEO for searches by voice?

The optimization of the search by voice Web is based on a key element: the questions. The users who accede to the finder through this modality make it to pose doubts. Therefore, if you are able to identify which are the questions more frequent than they arise in your sector, you will be able to become which better responds to the restlessness of the public.

No strategy SEO is exempt of the necessity of analysis and studies. In the case of the optimization of the search by voice not only one is to identify the most frequent questions, additionally you must determine which are those that agree to respond to you.

Additionally, he is indispensable that you go further on, you always must offer to the user the extra that will make you distinguish. In this case, that extra element, is the questions related to the initial doubt. Of this form, you will have a resource so that the user continues exploring your recommendations.

The coherence and the precision are two elements that you must observe. Your goal is not fulfilled because the user chooses to clarify you his doubts. You will reach your objective if this it is satisfied, because thus it will return to consult to you in the future. For it, you will have to offer direct answers, that satisfy their interest to solve a doubt of immediate form.

Factors that influence in the ranking of the search by voice

As well as elements exist that influence in the positioning of results by written search, are also factors that condition the ranking of the results when a consultation by voice becomes. Many are known, but most important they are:



the user who prefers this modality is that one that wishes immediate results. This tool helps us to resolve concrete doubts. Therefore, they will have one better position in the web search engines, that guarantee the maximum speed of load.



Google prioritizes the experience of its users. For this finder he is essential to guarantee that the users will obtain the best results. For this reason, it is fundamental to contribute content that is positioned well.



in this modality they have much relevance, because they facilitate the experience of the user. The ideal, is that in the outstanding is the main answer. If you manage to make a good management of this factor, you will have fulfilled the norms of the finders.


Extension of the content

in this case the typical premise is not applied of which less it is more. In the search by voice the best answers lie down to being extensive. Nevertheless, this can turn out to be counter-productive. The coherent results will be positioned better and will be rejected those that do not contribute solutions.

The marketing companies verify that these and the other criteria of classification are developed effectively. For that reason, they are the best option to assure the positioning SEO. It is possible that still it is much to discover on the search by voice. Nevertheless, while the secrets are revealed, these factors will help you to lead the results.
Search by voice
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Search by voice
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