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3,4 OSWALD Typography

 3,5 Typography APRIL FATFACE Importance of the typography Web The election of the typography Web is a process that must be realised carefully by many reasons.

When the suitable typography is selected, the text is legible

and the reader must deliver less attack to understand the message.

On the other hand, the typography is one of the most influential elements in the aesthetic Web. In fact, it is possible to create a page whose appearance is based mainly on the appearance of the text. This relevance allows that it can be done without other elements that diminish the efficiency of a website.

Another contribution that offers to a suitable typography Web is the communication of the values of the brand. Although you do not create, is possible to select it a font that combines perfectly with the identity of your brand. This it is very valuable assets for your business.

 If you have doubts on the importance of the typography Web, you test you yourself. It compares the most popular pages with those than almost nobody consultation. Immediately you will notice how it would be enough to give him to a second change in this element, to give a different and totally nice aspect him.

Influence of the typography Web in the experience of the user

Not in vain, the designers Web spend hours to realise tests with diverse colors, sizes, sources and the distribution of the typography in the Web. These professionals know that she is about the most excellent elements of the design, but mainly are conscious of the influence who can get to exert in the user.

I recommend to you that you read the article on

Usability and Experience of the User

Recommended typographies Web more

The election of the typography for a Web depends on many subjective aspects. Nevertheless, the tendencies also exert their influence on the form in which the selected sources are appraised. For that reason, we want to present to you some most popular at present:


Broad typography






OSWALD typography


Typographies Web
Some sources can unload from diverse platforms as Google fonts, Dafont or Adobe Typekit. Nevertheless, although these are most popular, do not have to be used obligatorily. Its use will be recommended if they adjust to the objectives of the page, the type of user who will read the content Web and other criteria that influence the suitability of the typography.
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Typographies Web
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