You have heard speak of the term community manager If you are businessman, it is probable that yes and if no, then you must pay attention to the details on this professional. Surely, its absence in your equipment is the reason for which you are not more popular between your public.

Nowadays all we can agree in which the presence in Internet is a fundamental element so that a business prospers. If a Web noncause impact, never will equal nor surpass to the competition. The reason? The public is in Internet and is there where he hopes to be able to obtain his products and services.

The enterprise organization has remarkably become thanks to the globalisation and the predominance of the technology. No longer she is enough that we have an accountant, manager, administrator and lawyers in our equipment. He is indispensable that also is made up of expert professionals in the positioning Web and one of them is community manager.

What it has been shelp until now allows to affirm that it is important to contract this professional. But, what is community manager and to what it is dedicated? She is the person who manages, administers and coordinates the digital surroundings of a brand, in order to establish bonds of fidelity with the interested users and, increased therefore the number of clients of this and, consecuencialmente, its sales.

To deal with the subject the functions of community manager it is a very important aspect. Although this profession no longer has been so new or stranger as for one decade, nowadays they continue existing confusions around which it realises this professional.

In order to begin, it is fundamental to differentiate it from other professionals who also develop in the digital plane. community manager he is not a designer nor a programmer Web. It is not a publicist nor a bloguero either.

Although its activity bears relation to this surroundings, their functions are very different, especially because they do not focus exclusively in the virtual plane, but require to maintain the harmony with the real surroundings. Then, what is what does community manager Basically its work focuses in the following aspects:


To monitor the new features around the brand.


To know the customer of a company, its tastes, preferences and exigencies.


To create stable and lasting bows with fans of a brand and to do the necessary thing to facilitate its conversion.


To create the content that will be published in the social networks, which must be attractive for fans and of quality.


To determine the most suitable schedules to publish content.


To establish the strategies to opposite surpass the crises that the company as far as its reputation online.


To establish the more attractive promotional strategies for the public.

These functions denote that it is a professional whose hiring is realised with strategic aims. So that community manager not only it must be a person with ample experience in his area, but with a great one I devise, capacity of analysis, resolution of conflicts and empathy with the public.

Benefits to contract to a Community Manager

To contract community manager he is synonymous to offer one better attention to your public. Thanks to the work of this professional, you will have fans in social networks. No longer they will only be your clients, but they will not stop to recommend to you and to share the content that you create.

The operation of a company not only is reduced to the operative aspects. Somebody must be in charge to take care of the requests of the clients, to respond to its restlessness and commentaries and to show to them that your brand really has the capacity to solve its problems opportunely.

This activity goes beyond a service of attention to the client, requires of a particular empathy that makes him feel each person, who receives a customized treatment. In addition, it implies to have the capacity to solve his restlessness of an effective way, that generates benefit to the company. All this, while they monitor the digital community that develops around the brand and the most suitable decisions are executed to increase their popularity.

To contract community manager it is to have to a true strategist in your equipment, somebody that can guide you the success. For it, he is indispensable that these functions are delegated to a professional company.

Any person is able to create profiles in social networks, but a professional is only enabled to study the metric ones and to determine plans based on them, to increase to the traffic Web. In the same way, an expert in the matter only can obtain that the relevance of a brand is increased, by means of the content creation that fits with the subjects that interest the public.

If your company not yet counts on the services of this professional, you do not wait for more. With his work you will manage to drive your brand, to position to you enters your public and to create more efficient strategies.

What is a Community Manager?
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What is a Community Manager?
What is a Community Manager? What benefits must contract one? What works realise a Community Manager?
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