What is SEO SEM?

The presence in Internet nowadays is a necessity for any company. In fact, it is possible to be affirmed that if a company does not have webpage is losing opportunities to arrive at a greater number of clients.

So that you can reach clients much more of your borders or outside your city you will have there to make arrive your products or services at them. This is only possible if you use Internet as the showcase in which to show to your products or services all the users of the network of networks. Nevertheless, to have a webpage by itself will not make you arrive at those clients, you will need to start up a positioning strategy Web.

In addition, develop actions that help to position your page you will have to make use of habitual forms of publicity in Internet as the payment publicity. as much the positioning Web as the payment publicity responds to two concepts that are: SEO SEM.

In the following lines we explained you that he is SEO SEM and how works, as well as the advantages that can offer to your company.

The first step that you must give so that your Web can have a good positioning in the finders is that your website is designed and structured with this objective. Of this form, you will need to have a design optimized Web so that the finders correctly index it and with a content based on the key words that define your activity.

Definition of words

One of the activities most important to be able to design a marketing strategy online is that you define what key words are those that are associated with your activity and which they are those that you use to give to information on your product or service.

This you can obtain realising it a good analysis of key words by means of which you can know what words are those that the users use search your services.

Once you have identified these key words you will have to use it throughout the content of your website. Sometimes the key words will be short words formed by two chains of characters and, in other occasions it is possible that you can position by which long is known as words €œtail€, that is to say, of long tail that is text chains which they form complete phrases and that also help to that your users find you.

Marketing of contents

Within all strategy of marketing online you must count on a strategy based on the marketing of contents. You will have to develop texts for your Web that help to position it.

Most recommendable it is to use a blog in your website in that you offer to your users information of tie utility with your services and in that you use your key words. These texts must be of quality and not to be copy nor reproduction of contents that have done others, since in this case the finders as Google will penalize your positioning Web.

What is SEM?

Another strategy for the positioning of your website is the SEM that responds to the abbreviations of Search Engine Marketing. One is a strategy based on payment publicity, so that you can place announcements on your project or your business in Google that will cause that the users locate to you easily and arrives at your page.

As its name indicates the SEM publicity requires of the payment by those announcements. Google gives the option you to publish an announcement that will appear in the zone of sponsored announcements of the results search. Whenever the users click in your announcement your will be paying by that announcement, but it will also be an opportunity of which that user is a visit in your Web and, therefore, a potential client.

At the time of developing a SEM strategy you must consider several aspects that we detailed to you next.

Google Adwords

If you want to start up a strategy of payment publicity, first that it must do it is to create an account to you in Google Adwords. In this surroundings you can as much form your announcements in the visual aspect as in the content. The great advantage to use this system is that it works by means of you bid up. This means that the key words by which you want to position itself will have a greater or smaller cost based on the level of searches and the competition that there is then on those key words. If there is many companies that are being positioned by those words because there is much demand the price of the click will be greater, and vice versa.

Google Adwords offers the advantage to you of which it gives advice you exceeds how to improve and to optimize your announcement to obtain better results and of securing your objective. In addition, you can be adapting your campaign and fitting your announcement in real time without needing hoping to that the period of the campaign finishes that you have designed. Thanks to this information in real time also you could be fitting the key words that you can use to develop your publicity of payment.

Remarketing of display

Within the options that we can find in Google Adwords is remarketing of display. With this option you will obtain that your announcement appears in the different pages that the users who have visited your Web visit when they sail by Internet. It is a form to be present in the mind of the users who will be able to continue there receiving information on your product or service where they sail by the Web.

Using any of the two strategies, as much SEO as SEM or combining both you will manage to increase the visits to your website and, therefore, you will reach your objectives of sales. He is recommendable that you let yourself advise by specialists in these matters so that you obtain good results from the first moment. You do not forget that the starting point for any strategy of marketing online that you are going to start up is to have your website suitably designed and optimized based on your objectives.

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