To select page Buyer person What is and so that it serves? The concept of Buyer Person Marketing is bound to the Inbound, and will serve as one as the pillars of the marketing strategy of your website or Social Average.

Buyer Person it is not more than a semi-fictitious being that serves to define our strategy, defining the different segments of clients from which we wished to direct our product. One is to define the specific features of the hearing that we want to attract, and for which a certain product is created. Many can confuse the concept of Buyer Person and Objective Public, but we must clarify to you that they are not the same.

Buyer Person they are specific profiles that represent your ideal customer, based on real information of satisfied and unsatisfied clients, or of a survey designed for this intention. Whereas the Objective Population corresponds to the definition of the characteristics of a segment of the population to which you wish to sell your products. This difference is crucial for the design of the strategy, allowing to tell you on information more precise to fit to the details of your company and the supply of products and services. An interesting aspect of this strategy is that you will be able to create

Buyer Person

, each with its particularitities, which will allow that the strategies are more efficient and complete.


Buyer Decision maker

She is the person who can make the final decision from the purchase. It is for who usually goes the greater amount of marketing strategies.


Buyer Prescriber

She is the person who recommends the product. A clear example is in the doctors who prescribe a certain medicine.


Buyer Influenciador

She is the person who, with her opinion, can condition positive or negatively the decision of purchase of third parties. This is particularly excellent nowadays with the weight of social networks for strategies of Digital Marketing.

  • Benefits to elaborate Buyer People
  • To pause to think and to construct the ideal characteristics of the client will allow to deepen and to fit the most important aspects of your company, between which we can mention:
  • You will determine to what extent you know your potential client and to what extent they serve to products and services that you offer to these.
  • You will be able to find new line of business that you had probably not considered.
  • It will allow you to establish strategies to improve the communication and the attention to the client, whereas clause his problems and specific needs.
  • To increase and to improve the results of its actions of marketing.

It will be easier to define the tone and the style of the content to offer.

He will be simpler to select the subjects on which you must write.

What relation has with digital marketing?

The Buyer People can turn out crucial to define the strategy of marketing of your company, being helped that your content is interesting and excellent for that person or people who you defined, delimiting segments of your hearing, for example.

This information will be used for strategies as the customized publicity that you can offer to clients who you have registered in your data base. The possibility of optimizing these strategies of marketing highly is valued by those who implement them, managing to include and to exclude subjects from the campaigns and to obtain better results.

Another fundamental aspect is that, thanks to your Buyer People, you will be able to generate a greater empathy with your clients, which contributes in the processes of established loyalty and interchange as fundamental in Digital Marketing. How to define my Buyer Person?Normally, you must count on some basic information to complete the information required for the construction of your

  • Buyer Person . At present several applications offer the tools to you to form the profiles according to the most important information, between which the following aspects stand out: Name of
  • Buyer Person
  • (Fictitious)
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Position/Occupation
  • Segment of activity
  • Level of schooling Used mass media
  • Objectives of Buyer Person

Challenges of

Buyer Person Questions nail for the creation of your Buyer PersonSome questions exist nails to define your

Buyer Person

  • , that will be used for the rise of the necessary information:
  • General questions:
  • Who is your potential client? (characteristic physical and psychological)
  • What type of subject would interest on your product or service to him?

Which are the most common activities that it executes?

  • Who influences in its decisions?
  • Specific questions:
  • Which is its level of instruction?
  • Where it lives?
  • How it consumes contents?
  • In what channels?
  • What thematic ones interest more to him?
  • Who and what influence to them?
  • What you can contribute to him?

How long it has to consume content?

  • What challenges face day at the time? Strategies to investigate or to collect the informationOne of the main sources of intelligence is the data bases of clients. It considers satisfied and unsatisfied clients, as well as variant of the other types of
  • Buyer Person
  • .
  • Another strategy that can be more expensive is to realise specific surveys for this.


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