Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads it is a tool that offers the giant of the social networks to realise different types from advertising campaigns, including also to Instagram. Created in 2004, it initiates as well-known the Flyers, and for about 4 years have presented great advances, incorporating them in the social contents, as much in feed as the Sidebar.

The success that has had this tool in the last years responds to a large extent to the solidity that the tool acquired, with a high degree of efficiency that allows to handle content more and more him. In the same way, the cut of organic reach of Facebook allowed that the information that was placed in the Feed was more selective. Therefore, who use Facebook for promotion have seen themselves in the necessity to contract publicity through this tool.

Which are their main benefits?


  • The main advantage that offers Facebook Ads it is that one is the social network with greater reach in the world, reason why you will have the possibility of arriving at a great number of potential clients.
  • One of the most solid points of Facebook Ads it is the possibility of segmenting your hearing, allowing that your announcement arrives at the sociodemographic profile of user who selections as ideal client. It defines the criteria of your public from the place, age, sex, language and other many aspects in the section of detailed segmentation.
  • Another benefit is the integration of the publicity with the rest of contents, in the same way that the publications realised by friendly or pages that you follow.
  • When appearing as publications, your announcements can share, comment and to do €œI like€, reason why many speak of the viralizaci³n of your announcements.
  • You will be able to integrate your announcements in Facebook Ads with WordPress, allowing that the users who visit your website receive your announcements in his feed of Facebook.
  • He does not demand an investment lifted as other platforms, allowing that with 100‚¬ you can create a decent campaign.
  • You will be able to choose what you want to promote. Thanks to the creation of objectives, the announcements adapt perfectly to which you want to do, it is well to sell a product, to promote your site, to gain Likes, etc.

Which are the objectives that can be reached?

In order to orient the use of Facebook Ads, they were created a set of objectives that orient the results that you want to obtain. It is first that you must select when you accede to the administrator of announcements to create yours. The defined objectives are:

Reconnaissance targets


Recognition name brand

Sample announcements to the people who have more probabilities of paying attention to them to your brand.



Sample announcements to the maximum amount of people who conform your hearing.

Objectives of consideration



It increases the number of people who visit your website, application or conversation of Messenger.


Unloadings of the application

It directly connects to App Store and Google Play Store to increase the unloadings of your application.


Generation of potential clients

Beam that the interested people have it easier at the time of obtaining more data on your company.



It animates to the people to initiate more interactions in Messenger, responds the questions, it compiles information and it drives the sales.



She obtains that more people follow your page or interact with your publications leaving commentaries, sharing contained or indicating that they like.


Reproductions of video

It shows your videos the people who have more probabilities of being interested in them and to see them until the end.

Objectives of conversion



it increases the actions that carry out in your website or application, with this personnel target to the people to take to end the action that agrees to you.


Visits in the business

It increases the visits in the business, the valuable sales and other actions in your establishments.


It promotes the most excellent products automatically to give exit to a greater part of your inventory.

Types of campaigns that exist

First that we must know he is that Facebook in 2014 created a structure for the configuration of the campaigns, that is organized in three levels and look for to facilitate the process of digital marketing which you take to end. The three levels of campaign are:



One is a set of announcements with a same advertising aim. He forms himself from the objective that is persecuted, and type chooses itself between 10 different:

  1. To promote your publications
  2. To promote your page
  3. To attract people your website
  4. To increase the conversions in your website
  5. To increase the facilities of your application
  6. To increase the interaction in your application
  7. To arrive at people who are near your business
  8. To increase the assistants to your event
  9. To obtain that the people ask for your supply
  10. To increase the reproductions of video

Group of announcements

one determines the hearing, the budget and publication the calendar of the campaign.



they are the final presentations of banners and publications that are promoted in the campaign.

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