Why must my Web have a blog?

You look for major diffusion of your company, product or service in the Web? You have the option to create a blog in your website. One is to create different types from content who allow to approach the user according to their preference. Although both sites have different functions, they must be closely tie. It is important that in each site it is possible to be acceded to the other through menu or I connect, guaranteeing the mobility of the user according to its preference.

The websites offer more stable content. Sometimes the content does not change in long periods of time, reason why the blog is dynamic and needs the constant renovation, narrowing the relation between the company and the users.

Also it allows to show to values of the company when carrying out the office, which brings more interest consequently. It is a customized treatment, it is not only to contract a service and to finish the relation, is to construct fidelity of the client, knowledge to the brand and the preference of his users.

What is a blog?

It is a website that needs permanent updates, it must be of thematic a specific one and must be created in the base of keywords. One is a site that tries to offer an approach of the company its client, are subjects on the context the brand or service.

They are sites of demanding maintenance, always must be updated. Its content cannot be static, if the content does not change frequently loses the essence of itself. A blog is not a website, is only one page of the same dedicated to offer an approach to the client or the readers of the dynamic information that there it is offered.

Benefits to have a blog in a company Web

To have a blog in a company Web means a direct bonding with the community of users, reason why it brings different benefits, as:

  • It allows to establish a closer relation with the client, is a form to present the brand a customized form. It is to give expensive a company, offers important content for the client and the interaction is permanent.
  • Another one of the benefits is that you can realise market studies in the blog of the company, because opinions and preferences of the users are received. You can directly ask on a product or service and to receive important information for the later trade.
  • Due to the intrinsic characteristics, community relations are created. The users remain connected to the subjects and they feel like part of the construction of the contents.
  • When introducing content frequently using tools SEO, can be positioned easily in the web search engines. This means that major will be had user traffic and who the brand will have more presence in the network. This he is one of the most important points of the blogs for the company.
  • The fusion of content of quality and interaction brings legitimacy of the company consequently, the people create in the brand. The company is familiar to the values of the user and it recognizes it of positive form, in fact it can get to recommend it.
  • Reduction of cats in terms of promotion, nevertheless, we recommended to invest to you in the design of appropriate content for the blog.
  • They are good strategy for the diffusion in social networks, including two spaces at the same time.

Facility to add a blog if your page this created in WordPress

WordPress is a used tool to create the groups of the websites. WordPress.org offers the possibility free of creating a blog of the Web of the company. You will have two websites with different characteristics in Internet. It is very easy to handle, which is due to guarantee the content insertion.

If your website is created in WordPress, you only must follow some simple steps to create the blog of the company. It remembers that the website and the blog have different aims. In this case, the last one requires of greater level of exigency in terms of content and answer to the users.

We recommended you that you contract a specialistic company in design Web, will facilitate all the process to you through the experience and knowledge in the application of this type of strategies of digital marketing.

Influences of a blog in the SEO of the Web

The content creation only positions you in the network if you use the suitable language. We already mentioned it in previous lines, can easily position in the web search engines traverse of strategies SEO.

The blogs in the Web of the companies have two utilities: interaction with the client and positioning in the web search engines, that finally are translated in possible clients. And in terms Web it means major traffic, which is important to measure to sharpen the strategies SEO.

The Web must have a blog to increase the traffic, which is translated in the substantial increase of the sales.


Why must my Web have a blog?
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Why must my Web have a blog?
You look for major diffusion of your company, product or service in the Web. You have the option to create a blog in your website.
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