How professionally to manage the networks of your business to catch clients

The management of the social networks implies to know the best communicational strategies to catch clients. It is not simply tried to show contents, beautiful photos and written up texts good. to crush either to the followers of its networks with infinity of empty information. One treats, then, to establish everything a plan with strategies adapted according to the objectives.

To establish the objectives of marketing of your company or marks is the most important aspect for the development of the company. This implies to know your objectives in relation to how increasing the traffic in your webpage, how to increase your sales, how to catch more clients. This it is an essential starting point in the management of the social networks, is the home for the development of an efficient communicational strategy, a strategy that allows you to arrive at the clients or potentials clients.

 The management of networks implies to know your brand: what is your brand? , with what it is associated? , what you wish to project of the same? , it is a service or product? , what solution contributes or what does necessity satisfy in the client? Aspects that are necessary to know for knowing what you wish to project, which you wish to sell and soon to whom you wish to sell to him and how you wish to do it.  

 From the consideration and definition of this you will only be able to be developed an effective communicational strategy. From you will be able here to define the public to who you wish to catch, the clients or potentials clients and the credible communicational strategy to catch that public.

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Presence of the business in the social networks

The starting point is to define what social networks you wish to use in your company or business. This is defined once already you have defined the characteristics of the clients who you wish to catch. We have, for example, Facebook is one of the more popular communicational strategies in Spain to project the brands and to catch clients.

It is also important that you are ambitious in your attempt to develop presence in the communicational networks. Experts indicate that, in the measurement that is more public, there will be more possibilities of interaction with the clients or potentials clients. He is recommendable that you make the attempt obtain a great community name brand. And indeed that aspect also is fundamental, that a community is created. Your followers are the community that interests in your product or service.

Another aspect that you must consider in the positioning of your networks to catch clients is important to take care of the publication frequency in the networks. He is essential that we understand that we cannot neglect nor saturate of information the networks. If one is Facebook, you can publish content every two days, however the daily publication of content is the usual thing in Instagram. Here, also to consider the type of content that you are going to publish. It deals with which your content truly satisfies the needs with the clients who you try to catch. Otherwise, it is little probable that they pay attention to him.

Also, it is important that it considers the way to publish, that is to say, the formats that you can use to manage your content. The attractive images or videos, with sense and in agreement with which you wish to express of your product or service combined with an attractive text made good, are the most effective mixture to catch a greater amount of clients. A content that generates interaction because there is interest from that client or potential client.

 Unquestionably that the communication in the networks, with the intention of catching clients, must be supported in a good product or service, accompanied of a good price and distribution. Otherwise, the communication that you develop will not be able, by itself, to catch many more clients of those than you would wish.

Strategies in the social networks to catch clients


1. It chooses to your hearing

Who are your potential clients, what they like, whom they follow, that they buy. Briefly: it knows your ideal client. It knows the profile that client, evaluates the behavior of purchase of that client at whom you want to arrive. This way, you will be able to develop one better strategy of communication to be able to catch better his attention and to attract it towards your brand.


2. It evaluates the frequency and schedules of publication

Again it is important to know your client to know with what frequency and to what hour they are connected in his social networks. It is important that you ask yourself: how much I meet ideal client? When I publish, really fodder in them?


3. To be authentic.

We really caught the attention of our clients when we are authentic, we showed the information who we wished to make arrive with total opening, honesty and clarity.


4. It remembers that your potential clients are people, are not a statistic

It thinks exactly about them as clients whom they look for to satisfy a necessity. You do not see them as users or a number who increase the statistics of traffic in your networks. Connect to you with the public, the potential clients. It creates a network, creates a community.


5. It interacts with the followers

The communication with your potential clients is important. Then, you must define how to interact with your public. You do not stop responding to your commentaries in the networks, for example. It defines your style of communication, he will be this formal or informal one? Mainly, again, we suggested you are authentic in your strategy of interaction with the public. All potential client will thank for it to you.


6. It creates value content

Again it is important to know the ideal client, which can interest to him of the brand, the needs that you can satisfy with your product or service. Truly useful information for its hearing. You do not publish to publish or because you must do it with certain frequency. The user must feel satisfied and so he sees in your publication. This will help, along with the quality of the product, to catch more clients and to gain the fidelity of that hearing that follows to you.


7. It realises special drawings or promotions

Recently he has become habitual that the brands attract more clients by means of promotions. This allows to generate attractive content in your network, is increased the number of followers and, therefore, potentials clients.

Strategies in Social Networks
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Strategies in Social Networks
It uses the correct strategy and it is able to catch more clients thanks to the Social Networks.
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