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Treatment of contents Guide For those who construct or have an own website, for those who tie to the world of the Social Average generating is contained, must know that the amount of existing information in Internet is overwhelming. So it is necessary to realise a good selection of contents that requisite minimums of quality fulfill some to include them in our site. This is indeed what it takes control oftreatment of contents


We could say in simple words that the treatment of content consists of the search, selection, organization and filtrate of the information who comes from multiple sources, to equip it with value, relevance and utility for the end users. This process culminates in the spreading of the processed information, with an additional value that is indeed the sense to generate contents in Internet. Probably or you are familiarized with some or all the processes that understand treatment of contents digitalises, so it will not be very difficult to follow the passage this useful guide, in which we offer all the necessary one to you so that you realise a correct one treatment of contents

4,3 Networking

Forms in which the Treatment can be done of Contents At present several forms exist to realise this process and surely you will be able to find many you formulate and prescriptions. But the certain thing is that an only form does not exist to take it to end and on this indeed depends the definition of the added value that will have the content that shares. By this, we can mention the main general methods to realisetreatment of contents




It consists of collecting the most excellent data on a subject determined in a same location.



One is a treatment with a simpler format, where the most important or excellent ideas of all the compiled information only share.


Elevation This form of treatment of contents

it consists of identifying tendencies in small shared portions of information online, offering a general perspective on a particular subject.



This format allows to combine cured contents to create a new point of view, or simply to present a state-of-the-art with respect to a subject.



This modality consists of collecting data in order to in particular to show the evolution in the perception of a subject. Whatever the modality that adjusts to your form of work and raised objectives, they exist a set of recommended steps to realise onetreatment of contents


Processes that are realised for the Treatment of Contents We already know the forms how the treatment of digital content can be realised, which will allow us to advance in the fulfillment of some simple steps to reach one treatment of contents

digitalises and to incorporate content from quality to our site.


Definition of objectives or needs

Independent of the use that we will give the compiled information, we must know clearly the objective or needs to which we looked for to contribute. This can imply to know clearly the needs of the company or the hearing.


To acquire the content

The curator must investigate to find the suitable information to reach the raised objectives, or in any case to provide solution to the needs identified in the previous step. The sources of intelligence will depend on each case, but generally it tries to make pursuit to the news, articles, computer graphics, videos, tutorial and many other sources.


Validation or filtrate of the information

As it is of assuming, the results of the previous step can be infinite, reason why it is necessary to verify the relevance of this information and to discard that one that is not adapted. It selects the information that offers concrete and useful answers to your users.


It creates the content

Although many jump this step simply, mentioning that you must add something interesting to which you found, as a showy title. The important thing at this crucial moment is to avoid Copy-Graze that characterizes to many pages, reason why the roll of the curator is of great importance. Is moment to find what lack and what exceeds in the information that you found, to respond the questions that are to respond or to raise new approaches.


It spreads and it publishes the new content

Now you must fit the information to the publication format and the forms of how the user will consume this content. Factors as the time of reading, the used lexicon and the channels of distribution, they are some of which you must consider in this stage.


Measurement and optimization

In this stage of evaluation received feedbacks of the generated content are considered. This will depend on the format used for your publication, but you must consider from the home how you are going to evaluate the results and how you can optimize the content for better results.

10 tools for Treatment of Contents

Which are the objectives of the treatment of contents?


Better positioning Web



He guarantees that the users return to by more information.



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