What is does the analytical Web and why serve?

You have a blog or a webpage? Surely you require to know and to review the marketing actions that you carry out with your company, to measure your reaches, to evaluate the objectives. It is for that reason that must think about the analytical Web.

The analytical Web is one of the tools most important to evaluate marketing online. Specifically we can understand the analytical Web as the measurement, the processing, the analysis and the report of Internet, in order that we can understand and optimize the use of a website.

From our experience we can affirm that to have an excellent design Web it is not sufficient but we tried to include the traffic that generates ours the company through a webpage, social blog or networks. It is necessary to understand the evolution of the traffic of our site, how it acts, with the intention of having a more effective website and than really it fulfills the objectives that we have considered.

Why it serves the analytical Web?

It is important that you consider that the analytical Web does not try to measure the traffic of the website. Rather its objective is to understand and to analyze that traffic that interacts in the website of your company or marks with the intention of carrying out improvements in that site. You can then be asked,  why we wished to analyze this traffic? This analysis is important to be able to achieve the objectives that you have settled down as company with your website or blog.

We suggest you make use of the tool of the analytical Web, since one becomes an ally at the time of making the rightest decisions in relation to the objectives that you have considered with your website. Perhaps between your objectives you require to increase the volume of your sales, or perhaps you want to catch more clients, perhaps to realise better to your actions of marketing or you need to identify to the correct hearing for your brand and with her you can interact better with her.

The analytical Web is, therefore, a fundamental tool in the marketing campaigns that you wish to take to end. It optimizes it and it does more effective. Through that analysis Web you can study the reaches and repercussions of the different campaigns from marketing online that you decide to carry out for your brand. Also you will be able to evaluate the conduct of the visitors in the social website, blog, or networks.

Procedure to analyze a website


1. To identify the website

In order to optimize this analysis it is important to know how what is the type of your website. It is this webpage, a blog, a store online?


2. To establish the objectives of the site

In order to analyze and to evaluate any strategy of marketing and to understand the traffic of your website, it is necessary to know well clearly your objectives, what is what you wish with your blog, webpage, social network, among others.


3. To establish the period of time in which one is going away to successfully obtain the necessary information.

This help to delimit and facilitates the later analysis.


4. This help to delimit and facilitates the later analysis.

Very general tools as Adobe Site Catalyst, Open Web Analytics and Kissmetrics exist, which can give information you on the origin of the visitors of your site, the amount of visitors, among others. It is Google Analytics the most used by the amount of information that allows to successfully obtain.


5. To analyze the structure of the website

It is important to understand a little how it is the process of the users to arrive at the objective of his website, how they interact and if the objective is fulfilled that you have considered.


6. To measure, to obtain information and to analyze the data

This with the purpose of to evaluate if the goals have been fulfilled that you have settled down.

We reiterate the importance of the analytical Web with the aim of making more optimal your website and thus reach the objectives that you have settled down with the same. You will be able to improve and to have the best decisions in relation to your strategies of marketing and to identify the correct hearing your site and thus to be able to interact with her.


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