Effective tendencies SEO in 2019

The tendencies SEO are changing every year at the rate of the changes in the algorithms of Google.

We must know that the SEO is part of a marketing strategy online, in which becomes an analysis before home it.

The positioning Web has strategies that are fixed at the time of implementing them, although they are happening with the years, continue being effective, and which we must maintain them.

In this article we tried to explain to you as they are the effective tendencies SEO, which, if beams a correct implementation, the possibilities of positioning in the first searches will be possible.

First of all, I want to explain to you that it is very important to realise a search of the opportunity keyword. This is a tendency effective SEO that continuous with happening of the years.

The opportunity keyword is that one word that it will hit the nail on the head at the time of wanting to position something, thus we would have to realise a good analysis.

The opportunity keywords are those that have high percentage of click (CTR).

Also you would have to know that, to greater number of searches, a greater competition will exist, which will cause that it is more difficult to position, but nonimpossible.

In order to realise this strategy different tools exist that will help you to realise the analysis. Next, we will name you as they are most trustworthy and we will give a brief description you of them.

Planner of keywords of Google

This tool of google is most complete, since google owns all the data (although doubts exist that show them all). Thus I advise to you that you use it in addition to using others.


Very complete tool to realise the monitoring of key words for search of payment or organic positioning. Also it allows to examine websites to know the position of the same.

This tool is of payment, but also it has a gratuitous version.

Google Trends

This tool provides the tendencies to us search for different keywords. In addition, it allows us to realise the comparison of different tendencies search from keywords.

Much people do not know this tool or usually she does not use it, but it is very important to have it in account, not only search keywords, but so that also you ayudae in the local SEO, to find excellent contents, events, among others.

This tool is gratuitous and is completely in Spanish. One of the disadvantages that it has this tool is that if the results are few will not show them to you.

ahref Keyword Explorer

This tool is focused mainly to the monitoring of incoming connections. Its great potential will allow us to analyze not only our pages, but also the one of the competition.  Without a doubt with this tool also we will be able search keywords, throwing to us very good information.

This tool is of payment, but also it tells on a test version during 7 days a reasonable price.


Very powerful tool at the time of realising the search of keywords. This tool uses the own data base of google, is for that reason, that this tool is very powerful.

Another point to favor that counts KeywordTool.io, is that it uses the suggestions of autocompletar of google.

Unlike Google Keyword Planner, it is that this one is for SEO's and does not stop advertisers.

KeywordTool.io has several plans to use its better version, but also the gratuitous version exists.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Probably this tool is most powerful.  Not only Web is used for the world of the positioning, but also for the Social Average.

 The great amounts of tools that offer allow you to realise a very complete analysis and simultaneously very trustworthy.

Analysis search in google

Once already realised the search of the opportunity keyword, it is the moment for realising the search of that word in the finder of Google.

Google will give the results us search of that keyword, thus we we will analyze the first 10 results, since what we tried it is to position in the first results.

Here we would have to analyze what is what they put our competitors, bony, which are those items that they emphasize in the article.

Surely many interesting items exist that you want to consider, but I recommend that you use, the one to you that better adjusts or illuminates to you and creates one that includes all of them (it is not easy).

Content of the article. To improve or to be different themselves?

If you are reading this article you will know that the content is very important, and the same must be only and natural.

It is why before seating to you to write the content of your blog, I advise to you that you read the articles that speak on the same subject and look for alternatives.

Often usually it happens that we wrote articles that are very similar to others since we are speaking of the same subject.

Then, in this case I advise you that if your article is similar to others you use a strategy to improve your article.

Integra in your article own experiences or of third parties.

This will benefit much to you and it will make give more credibility you since these giving a personal information or of third parties contrasted.

Usually it happens that when realising the search of the keyword on the front page of google appears very similar publications.

It is there where you would have to realise the strategy to be different itself from those publications.

I will give an example you. In the case that you are realising a publication in Internet on WordPress Optimization:

If we put in the finder of google €œWordPress Optimization€ will give us that in the first results all speak of How to optimize WordPress?

Then, if these articles already well are positioned we would have search an alternative. I have here, the way to differentiate to you from them.

It happens several alternatives suddenly to me, for example: tutorial to optimize wordpress or guides definitive of Optimization in WordPress.

Optimization SEO

Already created the content of the article, we passed to the part of optimization SEO of the same so that this it is seen by google with good eyes and to improve it at level usability.


Connected Internal

It is very important to have good connected a boarder in your website, since not only it will maintain to your users interested in following in this site.

Also the internal connected one will help you to transmit authority from an article to another one, this will help you to harness articles with low authority.

I advise to you that when to realise the internal connected one not only you concentrate in passing authority, but also in which what I connect they have relation. Otherwise it will not serve to you as much that strategy.



The URL of the article will have to be short and to contain the keyword or keyword plus a word.  Since the long URL short positions better than the URL.


Semantic SEO

The semantic tendency search in google is in rise, is for that reason, that we would have to include it in the content at the time of wanting to improve the positioning Web of our articles.

How we will secure those words that will help us to position in Internet? then very easy€¦

We will put in the finder the keyword and we will pay attention to the image results.

Another form is looking for the keyword in our finder and to go under the whole and to see the €œrelated Searches€, this without a doubt already is saying to us that these words have something common with our content.



The elements multimedia or €œMeans€ contribute much value to articles, is why I recommend you that you use to give them more value to your articles.

As much with the images or the videos, we can provide many solutions to our users who enter the article to solve their doubts.

Sometimes an image is worth more than thousand words.

The computer graphics are very useful in an article, since with an image we could summarize very many steps.

Computer graphics are a combination of images, explanations, texts, in order to communicate of visual form. This way the users will be able to understand and to interpret very instantaneously.

Optimization for the user

Often usually we write articles that technically are very or, but do not finish being seen or they do not draw attention of the user.

This is a very common error that usually it happens when we do not know the intention search of the users well.

Then, if in the case that this happens to you, you would have to change your strategy at the time of writing up to catch the attention of those potential users.

A factor to consider when we wrote a technical article is the implementation of the passages with images.

Perhaps many of these articles have too many images, but you must consider that those images are providing the solution to your users.

In the case that you do not like the implementation of many images to show the techniques, you could include a video.

An advantage to include videos in articles is that they will be able to accede not only by your article, but also from the platform where is published this video.

Design of the Article

Something that we would not have to forget is the design of the article. It is very important that the same can be read well and that are not things that make lose the attention to our visitors.

Many interesting articles have a design which does not favor the reading or correctly is not structured.

This will by ricochet produce a rate that influences negatively to our website.

It secures connections to your Article

This than more clear that the connections are necessary to position, and we did not speak of amounts, but that some are necessary to position.

More bond the quality of the connections that the amount.

Several forms exist to secure connections for your articles, next, we will tell you as you could secure quality connections.


To analyze the competition

This strategy is the one that never happens fashionable and that to seem for the great majority of people who know something of SEO.

Without a doubt a tool as Ahref would help at the time of finding backlinks you much of the post that they position with the keyword that we used.

This tool will give much information us of where we can add value, but always you will have to study if where you are going to put the link is correct or no.


To unite you to a blog of your thematic one

If you have created an extensive and very interesting content which you think that it can very be top, you can solicit that somebody adds the URL of your article in its blog.

The strategy is search who has shared content similar to which you have written, and to put to you with him in touch.

If your article fits in the one of the other blog, it can write to him commenting that your article would fit perfectly, in addition to contributing more value to him.

This way when you receive their answer is positive or negative or already we will see€¦ your answer must of being nice and add the connection to him of your article. It is never known€¦.



The diffusion of articles in the social networks and portals of the news to spread articles of blogs is very important.

These they will generate traffic to you to your Web and if the article were sufficiently interesting for these users will share them or they will vote it of positive form.

It is important that, at the time of spreading the article, you place an attractive title to him, that calls to the action to enter and to read it. You do not use generic titles.


When we wrote articles we must write thinking about our users, not in only positioning.

Although it is certain, it is important to introduce the effective tendencies SEO so that these correctly are optimized to position in the first results.

 We never must forget towards whom it goes directed this content.

We either do not see as it regulates essential to write for google, or have a minimum of length of words.

In Richard-Durrant Web we are specialistic in the design and maintenance of websites, but we think that the SEO is fundamental part of our work, although are not some expert.

Effective tendencies SEO 2019
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Effective tendencies SEO 2019
The effective tendencies SEO are fundamental at the time of implementing a strategy to position a article. It discovers as they are these 7 tendencies.
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